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A chat with Derrick Manyika

Who is Derrick Manyika?

Derrick is a photographer and videographer based in Harare Zimbabwe. Outside work he is a son, a brother, and a friend. Most importantly Derrick is a God’s child.

What inspired you to become a photographer?

 Growing up I have always been fascinated with all things related to art and fashion. I used to spend time trying out different outfits and taking pictures. I used to find so much joy in buying clothes for people, exploring new joints and trends for my friends. Funny enough I eventually made it my side hustle in high school lol. Additionally, I loved painting, until this day my sister has some drawings I did for her when I was in primary school. I was also very much interested in interior design. I remember, I used to change my room set up every other month trying to find new ways to make it look cooler than it was before. I have always been pretty much passionate about art. 

The best thing that happened to me was the discovery photography.  It stole my heart right away. I had found something that brought everything I love together and still it continues to do so. I feel like I get to learn a lot more about myself through photography which is a blessing.  I get to travel, meet and work with different people, learn about businesses, explore different cultures, try out different foods☺️ and guess what? I do all this while I am working so I get to have beautiful experiences while getting paid!  I honestly would not have it any other way. If you know me well then you know I’m one person who is so confident in the fact that I’m living my purpose. I LOVE my Job and what I do so much, I feel humbled that I get the opportunity to do what I love and it keeps me going.

Is there anything you wish you knew before becoming a photographer?

Uhm.. I honestly wish I started earlier 😂. I wish I nurtured the gift and passion from an earlier age. I only started when I was a university student. But I also believe everything happens for a reason.

Do you have any renowned photographers that inspire you?

Weirdly, I get inspiration from things that have nothing to do with photography but yes I do have friends that are doing so well  that inspire me a lot. These are the likes of 


Naka Visuals 



 The list is endless! But shout out to all the Zimbabwean creatives representing us!

How has the Covid-19 affected your business?

Part of my job includes covering events and that has been affected a lot by Covid-19. When the lock down restrictions were announced it was difficult to create outside and to find jobs during that period. 

Any last words to someone considering photography as a profession?

Start now and start with what you have! I have learnt that most of your insecurities are your power. That thing that makes you feel weird or different is what makes you. That is what sets you apart. Embrace it, the world needs that!

How does Derrick relax after a long day?

I love music, I love listening to music. 

You can check some of Derrick’s work on his Instagram account

A review- The Polygamist

Author: Sue Nyathi
Cover rating:3/5
Overall rating:4/5
Themes: love, sexual gender-based violence, family, lies, betrayal, HIV and AIDS, women empowerment

The Polygamist is a story about Jonasi (the polygamist) and his four wives which are Joyce, Matipa, Lindani and Essie. Joyce decides to get married to Jonasi even though he doesn’t have a lot of money and Joyce doesn’t pursue her studies. Everything takes a twist when Jonasi acquires a lot of wealth and meets other women. Jonasi is abusive, Joyce and Matipa have been victims of sexual gender-based violence. Sadly when Jonasi falls sick he decides to go back to  Joyce his wife he has mistreated.

What I loved about the book
* The author highlighted that some women are sexually abused by their spouses.
*Women being able to make  their own decisions

Favourite character

Favourite quote
“I felt like I was getting a preview into my future if I remained in Jonasi’s life. I made up my mind that I was going to walk away from all of this whilst I had a fighting chance.”
Do I recommend this book? Yes

Will I be reading a book written by this author? Yes

The happiest girl alive

It’s good to be back😊 and I hope someone missed me🙈. This blog post was inspired by an article I read On Becoming. The post is long overdue but here it is😄

Dear Diary

For the first time in fourteen years, I managed to talk about the death of my brother. Although it hurts, it feels liberating to have offloaded the burden I have been carrying. My parents thought I was too young for therapy. Sadly I was in pain because I lost my roommate, my play buddy and someone I used to fight with. The pictures of my brother collapsing, being carried to the hospital and only coming home for the last time in a navy blue casket still haunt me up to today.

Thembalani allowed me to take a walk down memory lane and grieve the loss of my brother.

Dating Thembalani is easy, I  don’t have to pretend, I just have to be myself. My boyfriend makes me smile and laugh at the same time. I can be at my best and my worst and never apologise about it. Thembalani came into my life when I had hung my boots because I didn’t believe in love anymore. The love of my life calls me by my full name and I find it cute because I hate it when people shorten my name to Taku.

When Thembalani and I had our first fight I was so miserable. I couldn’t stomach my cereal and when I rushed to the bathroom my Mum gave me that talking eye. She was not ready to be a grandmother.

I have been going to the sports arena more often because I am dating a sportscaster and it’s funny how Thembalani treats the sporting legends as his friends. My palms were all sweaty and I lost my voice when I was introduced to one of the  Zimbabwean Warriors. Thanks to the pandemic we don’t greet each other, we just wave.

The drama queen in me won’t humiliate herself if she ever has a conversation that involves sports. I am considering being a freelance sport’s journalist.

Let me read my book and go to bed, I have an interview tomorrow and Tendai believes that I will nail it, #Fingerscrossed. What if Thembalani and I have ends in tears? But my bestie says they will be tears of joy.

Someone’s son makes me happy🤗.

Good night

The happiest girl alive!

Am I Yours , Truly?

The response made me cry 😢 (maybe it’s because I am an emotional human being🙈). It felt so real, that’s why you should read the letter too.

[ This is a response to : Yours Truly by MaMo ] MaMo, Our union has been nothing short of amazing but maybe it belongs in the past because it has been tense for a while now. I do apologize for using your emotions as a crutch for some time . We were so in […]

Am I Yours , Truly?

Yours truly

Dear Q

My hands are shaking and my heart aches and to be honest writing this letter is not easy.  Referring to our union in the past tense will only rip my heart apart. Q, I have a lot of questions and sadly I don’t have the answers. Where did I go wrong? One moment we were in love and inseparable but now it seems like we are always in each other’s space.

I am not ready to say goodbye, I thought we had time. The thought of us growing old together and taking sunset walks always made me smile. I am scared that my plans for our future will vanish into thin air.

Everything hurts, I feel powerless and the reason why I  have been reading novels is that they have helped me escape. I am not ready to face my reality and I would rather run away from it as long as I can.

You are not the man I fell in love with but it won’t be fair to blame you for everything. I have made a lot of mistakes in the past too. Maybe we have outgrown each other and, no matter how hard I try to fit the missing puzzle piece on its spot it will never fit.

Q, I thought that we had time to build a home and watch Omusana grow into an adorable young woman together. Everything is happening too fast and I don’t have the strength to keep up.

I want the best for you and maybe letting you go, means that I love you. But I don’t want you to walk away without fighting for what we have. Do you still remember the battles we have conquered?

My love, I will respect your decision no matter what and always remember that I will always love you.



I have a surprise for you🤗.Q is going to reply to the letter tomorrow and I know that you will love it🤗!

A chat with the bloggers

A happy new week and guess what, today is the last day of October. The chat series for this month is targeting creatives (bloggers). They will share with the world what their blogs mean to them. Enjoy🤗

Words from the Pot

Is a home for me where I share stories of encouragement, love and life lessons to the world intending to help people lead better lives.

My blog is one of the mediums through which I share my story with the world hoping that one soul is either protected or encouraged or caused to feel loved and motivated to keep living and doing it better.

My blog is a home where I also welcome people to come and share their shine with the world.

My blog is a mini kingdom where I have chosen to stay and do life with the world.

It is a hub where learning, living and loving is the order of the day!

The sunflower bookshelf

When I started blogging back in
2016 I never thought it would lead to a passion, to a way of being, to new opportunities, to new friends and so much more. I didn’t even know what blogging meant. I’ve loved reading and found comfort in books since I
was young. As I grew up I wanted to share the stories I read with everyone I meet mostly my friends.
It was a sunny afternoon, on the patio of my then favourite coffee shop, where I was exchanging ideas with a
friend, that I was introduced to blogging. I wanted a platform where I would share my thoughts and the shy me didn’t want to share them on social media. My friend then suggested that I blog about them. I had no idea so I did a small research on how to go about it. I started slowly, sharing everything—from what I learned at school, to what I was eating at home and the in-between.

As the blog grew up, I started being intentional and purposeful on what I wanted to post, and the topics were reduced to just books, personal growth shenanigans and some advice on personal finance.
Blogging to me is therapeutic. It’s like journaling. It’s like gathering around fires after dinner and sharing stories.
Only that I share them with virtual strangers who became my blogging family. I love it. Blogging helps you create
content; build your writing and reading skills and promotes autonomous learning and provides opportunities that allow you to grow mentally and financially. The blogging community brings out the creative side of you. Blogging is magical and easy. I encourage everyone to do it. Have you started yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Check out my blog

Mind of a boyfriend

My blog is an extension of my essence. Each word, sentence and paragraph is a piece of me. Weirdly, this blog is like my child. My DNA is imprinted in it. I’ve watched it mature, interact with other blogs and hopefully, I’ll see it graduate. Not sure if blogs can get married but I’m here for it. Safe to say, my blog is a mini-me for the most part and it means everything to me as a child would.
Check out his blog on


My blog is about sharing stories, life experiences and encouraging people to have a turnaround no matter how long someone has travelled. I also encourage people to go through the day and make sure that their life has a purpose. Join my tribe on

Black mwana memoir

My blog is a place of learning and inspiration. Where people find hope and be able to get tips on how they can ace their goals. It’s a memoir that focuses on self-development and to me helping people is what I love the most. Check out her blog on

Tikia with grace

My blog is my diary, a documentary of my life journey of finding purpose and meaning in life around the situations  I find myself in.
I get to express what I would normally never say out loud. My blog is my voice and best friend. It’s also another to let someone else out there know they are not alone. As I write I hope to preach kindness humility and spread love. Check out her blog on

Celebrating womanhood

I am a woman

I love the image I see when I look in the mirror. The women who came before me are my role models, and I hope that they are proud of the woman I have become. I  try by all means to do my best because I am someone else’s role model.

Being a woman doesn’t mean that I am weak. It doesn’t mean that my opinions are not valid. I am a woman who stands for what she believes and uses her voice always.

I don’t want to be a strong woman who is bitter and who finds so much joy in bringing other women down. I want to be my sister’s cheerleader, friend and counsellor.

I am a woman who doesn’t want to compare herself to others. I will take baby steps until I get there. I am a bubbly woman who doesn’t want to
compromise her happiness to please other people.


Ma used to wear a happy face during the day and she never looked sad. I adored my mother and she was my superhero. Although she looked fearless, strong and happy during the day. The moment that Ma shut her bedroom door she was like a piece of glass that had crashed to the ground. She allowed herself to be human and every night she would soak her pillow wet. The sun shone on the reflection of a woman I adored but the moon reflected on the woman I wished I had known.

If Ma had been supported by her family and friends she would have been alive. She would have smiled because I am a spitting image of her. If only the world had been kinder to her she would have realised that her emotions are valid and being a single mother does not make her less of a woman. Ma did not have to explain herself or justify her actions.

When I  was young Ma hated being in public places because everyone would ask her where my father was. There was a time that we struggled to rent a backroom because the landlady didn’t like single women who were either divorced or had children out of wedlock. The only father figure I had was my grandfather but he died on my eighth birthday. Some church members would treat my mother and me like we had leprosy.

I was too young to understand that society hated my mother. She was taken away from me before I experienced my first period and I remember crying when I discovered a stain on my underwear. Ma would have made everything easy and her smile would have made me feel safe. Sadly I am all by myself but the memories I shared with my mother are my treasure. How I wish the stigma and discrimination for divorcees or women who had children out would stop.

My mother had suffered enough and mentioning these words, “she is a child of rape” always crushed her spirit.

Mazita edu

“We did not name our children after our parents, after ourselves; we feared if we did they would not be able to say their names, that their friends and teachers would not know how to call them. We gave them names that would make them belong in America, names that did not mean anything to us: Aaron, Josh, Dana, Corey, Jack, Kathleen”.-We need new names by NoViolet Bulawayo

A name gives you a sense of identity and belonging and people can use your name when referring to to you. A big thank you to my friends who managed to help me translate the names below in their languages.

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

Love- Urukundo
Hope- ibyiringiro
Gift- impano
Joy- ibyishimo
Trust- icyizere

Trust- kwesiga
Joy_ Ssanyu
Love- Kwagala
Hope- Ssubi
Love- Kwagala

Trust- 😬
Joy- Mufaro/Rufaro
Hope- Tariro

Love – ɔdɔ
Hope- Anidasuɔ
Gift – Akyedeε
Joy – Anigyeε

Rudo / Thando
Chipo/ Sipho
Mufaro/ Ntokozo
Vimbayi/ Thembani

Yoruba (Nigeria)
Love – Ife
Hope – Ireti
Gift – Ebun
Joy – Ayo
Trust – Igbekele

I would love to know the meaning of these names in your language. Feel free to drop them in the comment section😊.

Life update

A happy new week my lovely readers. I trust that you had a restful weekend and you are ready for the new week.

During the weekend I :
*went to church.
*binge-watched Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19, these two made me laugh and cry
*had a date with my wonderful bed.
*managed to chat with my friends and family.
*Did a little bit of spring cleaning and it was therapeutic.
*Prepared one of my favourite dishes for supper

Realised that I:
*I miss listening to SoProfound’s voice on the radio.
*How much I had missed reading and not reading a book is good as torture to my overactive imagination😩.

Grateful for:
*The gift of life, good health and a roof over my head.
*For my best friend’s recovery.

I would like to know how your weekend was, can’t wait to read your comments😊