Winterabc 2021 Day 4 – My fellow creatives

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Be consistent– Come up with a flexible routine and make it a habit of publishing your work to your audience. You wouldn’t want your audience to forget about you and your craft.

Never put yourself in comparison with others– There is only one you in the whole world and instead of copying

someone’s idea or comparing yourself with the next person, learn something positive from other people.

Be kind to yourself
Allow yourself to rest, do not be angry at yourself, learn from your mistakes and never give up on something that you deeply love.

Work on something that you are passionate about– If you are passionate about a particular topic or idea you will enjoy the creation process. You will always look forward to developing your craft.

Always remember that there is nothing called a stupid idea.

Have a fabulous weekend😄😄

WinterABC2021 Day 3- My love,the radio

In 2019 my mother and l decided to buy a new radio because the load-shedding hours had become unbearable. We would go for more than ten hours without an electrical connection and l remember waking up in the dark and going to bed in the dark. The only time l could switch on the light was during the early hours of the morning on my way to the toilet. The radio became my best friend and l would set an alarm to charge it when we had an electrical connection.


l don’t mind listening to the radio for the whole day and sometimes l even forget to switch on the television. Some of the radio personalities have become my friends even though we have never met and when l don’t hear their voices l get worried. Their laughs, jokes and their authenticity always makes my day, l hope that l am a ray of sunshine in someone’s life too.

I always look forward to my Sundays. My favourite show on the radio is Soul Avenue which is hosted by Arnold Chirimika affectionately known as SoProfound. The Soul Avenue is a Soul and RnB show that is fun-packed. There is a segment called, Music from a different ear and the listeners are allowed to curate a thirty-minute long playlist. I was the second listener that curated this playlist and l was elated. It was a great feeling being called by the ZiFM station mobile number. The role reversal was fun since l am usually the one who calls to contribute.

My radio😊

Sometimes when people are stuck in traffic, doing their chores or in bed they can listen to the radio and it keeps them informed and entertained. The radio personalities also come up with interesting topics and the audience can share their experiences and their contributions on air. Most of the radio programs are live and whenever you make mistake the listeners will be listening.  I enjoy live performances as compared to the recorded ones because the performers know that the words “stop and cut”  do not exist. Maybe my love for theatre performances and live performances is the reason why l enjoy listening to the radio.

Do you enjoy listening to the radio? Who is your favourite radio personality?


Yesterday was a good day and I read more than twenty articles and I must say the bloggers are creative. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and stay out of our comfort zone. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone us but it also taught us a lot of life lessons. There was a time l wasn’t myself anymore. I didn’t want to switch on the tv or listen to the radio because l dreaded to hear about the spike in the COVID-19  cases or how many lives were lost.

I was scared and there was a time l had panic attacks and cried. My big sister recommended The Hlomu Series and l immediately fell in love with Dudu Busani-Dube’s craft. I had never heard about Hlomu or the bug-eyed brothers but it seems like l have known them my whole life.

The series is about eight Zulu brothers who are taxi drivers in  Johannesburg South Africa. The stories are authentic, exciting and address various issues from domestic violence, love and family ties.

When I first read The Hlomu series I was the same age as Hlomu’s. Hlomu was twenty-three years old when she met Mqele. MaHlomu mothered Sbani, Lwandle and Mvelo and l thought to myself if l was in Hlomu’s shoes could l have managed to save the ship from sinking.

MaHlomu brought the family together and everyone in the family listens to whatever she says. MaHlomu is a fighter, builder and protector.

Dudu Busani-Dube created her characters in a way that they seem real and l remember crying when Mvelo was shot and l justified the Zulu brothers when they sought revenge. When Zanele left the wedding venue l wasn’t angry at her, l understood her pain. Her best friend had betrayed her and she had spent seventeen years in prison. Zanele wasn’t a part of her children’s life when they were growing up. When Zanele came back from prison her sons referred to Hlomu as Mami while they called her Zanele. Zanele was there for the bug-eyed men before they became businessmen. l was scared when Hlomu was pregnant with Niya and if Niya did not have the bug-eyes l believed that Mqele would kill Hlomu.

I laughed so hard when Qhawe was losing his mind in the labour room. Hlomu was right the Zulu men are scared of two things, a woman’s tears and a baby coming out of a vagina.

The Hlomu series is a good read but, you will fall in love with one of the Zulu brothers. I am still waiting for Qhawe to ask me out🙈. If you are a fan of romance and drama you will enjoy reading the series.

WinterABC2021 Day 1- This is my story: I am a Creative

Hello, June l have been waiting for you and l am glad that you are here. Today is the first day of the AfroBloggers Winter Challenge which will run throughout the month. This is a great opportunity for any African creative out there to share their great stories and it is a learning opportunity too. I hope my readers will enjoy the content l will share and one last thing let’s have fun.

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When l was in junior each Friday a particular class would be in charge of performing either a play or poems during assembly. I always looked forward to Fridays because that meant watching a performance before going to class. When my class was in charge l always took part in the plays. It was exciting and l used to memorise my lines while bathing or doing my chores at home. Unfortunately, the high school l attended did not have a Drama Club but l longed to be in on the stage.

During my Advanced Level break, Mzansi Magic aired a South African Telenovela called The Road. The characters had two lives (as the cast of Sophia town and their real lives outside of the theatre space). I fell in love with Xolile who was a scriptwriter and she was the one who created the characters. She was like their potter, she would mould them, break them and put them together again. She spoke life into the characters and without Xolile the characters did not exist. God created us in His image and we also can CREATE anything and BE CREATIVE. At that moment l realized that this is what l wanted to be. I wanted to be a scriptwriter and create characters and stories that the audience can connect with.

When l applied for my Bachelor’s degree l was not offered Theatre Arts and on the first day after the orientation week, l went to see the Chairman of the Theatre Arts Department. I was scared because if he did not sign on my amendment form l would not be able to be a part of the Theatre Arts class. When the Chairman signed my amendment form l was happy and l wanted to hug him.

A lot of people made fun of the students who studied Theatre Arts, they thought that we came to University and play. Some of the students would act surprised when they saw us in the exam halls. Even though people made fun of my classmates and l had fun and we were happy. The Alfred Beit Hall was my happy place and I hold onto the great memories I had in that hall.

Theatre Arts week -March 2018

Never allow negative criticism to bring you down. It might seem like everything is falling apart but remember you deserve to be happy. l have tried studying film but it isn’t exciting as being a theatre practitioner or maybe Theatre Arts will always my first love.

This week l celebrate creatives just like me😃

To my loving husband

Hello, my lovely readers,😃 today is the last day of the month and l am happy to announce that I will be taking part in the Afrobloggers winter challenge. After reading The Husband Journal I was inspired to write a letter to my future husband. Enjoy😃😊

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I have been praying for you and I am hopeful that in due season God will answer my prayer. When Gogo(grandmother) told me about the first time she met my grandfather I could see her face lighting up and she made me believe that love is a  beautiful thing.

My dear husband, I want to grow old with you. l want to build a home with you, a home that is filled with love, laughter and joy. Life is like a rollercoaster but l promises to hold your hand until the end. I will always encourage you to follow your dreams.

We will be best friends and prayer partners and you will be the priest of our home. I hope we will binge watch Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19 and l will be glad to watch some of your favourite shows too. I would love us to be content with what we have and never compare ourselves with anyone.

I am interested in learning different languages and l would love to give our children African names. I was elated when l discovered the meaning of my name in Yoruba. I will only go ahead if that’s okay with you. I believe in teamwork and l would like us to communicate and to make decisions as a team.

My love, l hope you will be able to express your emotions and feelings and when you feel like crying please do cry. Crying will never make you become a weak man.

I would love to create great memories with you and raise human beings that look like us. Take care of yourself.

I can’t wait to see you

You will also enjoy reading the blog posts below👇🏿👇🏿


Humanity boss

Why do you ignore your soul?

Happy new week my lovely readers😀. This month we had a chat with TheNeroEff3ct and you can read the interview HERE Paul also wrote this poem😊 enjoy!

Do you know why you ignore your soul?
Perhaps the things your soul has to say scare you.
What is this “you” that’s “scared” of what the soul says?
It’s the body that was born naked.
It’s the body that hates pain and won’t take it.
It’s the body that shows up to the party to have fun but fakes it.
It’s the body that says I will be trained tomorrow but..
Tomorrow never dies because tomorrow never comes.

Happy new week my lovely readers😀. This month we had a chat with TheNeroEff3ct and you can read the interview HERE Paul wrote this poem☺

It is the body that’s scared of what the soul has to say.
The body belongs to the mind. The mind listens to the soul.
The soul knows all and shows the mind.
The shown mind instructs the body to make manifest what was shown by the soul.
Is the body able?
The body says no.
The mind has a dilemma.
Listen to the soul and make the body learn until it can do it all?
Or listen to the body’s desires and ignore the soul.

If you are unhappy,
If you feel like you don’t know.
What to do, who to be,
where to go, what to see,
Just remember, you can still choose to listen to your soul.
The body is the temple of God. God resides in your soul..
Don’t ignore your SOUL.

A chat with TheNeroEff3ct

Hello, 😃my lovely readers. TheNeroEff3ct is our guest for this month and I hope that you will learn something from this interview.

WHO IS TheNeroEff3ct?

The question makes me feel like a superhero who is being asked to expose his identity. Ha! TheNeroEff3ct is Paul Takunda Bako. I’m 29 years old and I live in Harare, Zimbabwe. Currently, I am a fitness and philosophy tutor who specializes in callisthenics. Callisthenics is bodyweight training that makes one stronger physically and mentally. I am also an award-winning athlete who has won in local and regional competitions.
I love bikes and I own a bicycle (Hermès) and a motorcycle (Ares). I’m quite daring but what is life if it is not lived?
I have a deep love for reading and knowledge. I am also a writer and speaker. I am hosted by Dj Mox on Star Fm every Tuesday for a segment called “Choose Wellness Tuesday” where we discuss matters about wellness and living happy fulfilling lives.
I graduated with a business management degree from Solusi University in 2016 and worked for the National Social Security Authority(NSSA) for a year and a half before I resigned and focused on fitness full time.

WHY DID YOU DECIDE TO TAKE A SUDDEN SHIFT IN YOUR CAREER? The story is somewhat miraculous. When I started working in the formal sector my job at NSSA was at the front office. That meant I was constantly serving people, accepting and processing pension claims. I liked that because I consider myself a social scientist. I was helping people face to face. I loved and appreciated that about my job but, I was then moved to the back office were all the work was paperwork. My life took a turn there. I was no longer happy with my job and since I spent most my time there it started affecting the quality of my life experience. I had 2 choices. Stay and become more miserable or, leave and explore the great unknown. I chose the latter. My family, nuclear and extended, all felt I was making a big mistake. The story is still being written but it is safe to say I changed their minds with results.

Graduation day – 2016 at Solusi University

WHAT DOES THE 3 IN TheNeroEff3ct MEAN ? The 3 represents the trinity of life. In the Bible it’s known as the Father, the Son and, the Holy Spirit. In Hinduism it’s Brahma, Vishnu and, Shiva. With me it’s mind, body, and spirit or, creation, preservation and destruction.
Anything that exists has been created, preserved, destroyed and had the process repeated again. Be it muscle, a skill, a plant, animals and even humans. Anything that aligns with life experiences the 3.
The 3 elements make up the life cycle and I wanted to be reminded of that at all times so I put it in my chosen name.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT FOR ONE TO STAY FIT ? To be alive is the spirit’s capacity to experience the world through the body. That is what is meant when they say the body is the Lord’s temple. Your spirit came from God or, the primary principle to live in a body on earth. Your body represents that spirit. Through fitness the awareness of the world around us is raised. Through fitness we train our senses to be sharper so that they can show the spirit a realistic representation of reality. Without training our bodies lose awareness. That loss of awareness makes us doubt ourselves. Insecurity stems from a lack of confidence in the self. The self being doubted is only the untrained body but the mind gets tricked into thinking it is helpless by the body and yet, the body is a servant of the mind. It is important to stay fit because it reigns in the body and keeps it under the control of the mind which belongs to the spirit. When you are fit you can do more, be more, say more, taste more and hear more. Being fit is like living life in high definition.

BEING AS FIT AS YOU ARE DO YOU GET A LOT OF ATTENTION FROM WOMEN? I get a lot of attention in general. I have been complimented, hit on, praised and, respected all because of my fitness level and physique. I am always deeply humbled. When I started training I did it for me but now I realize I inspire more people than I know and that in itself is a great responsibility.
So it’s not just ladies, it’s also guys. I’m grateful for the love because it tells me I’m doing something right.

WHAY ARE SOME OF THE LESSONS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNT FROM BEING A FITNESS TRAINER? I have learned that nothing worth having will ever come on a gold platter. Your input determines your output. The more you give, the more you shall receive.
I’ve also learned that manifesting has 2 sides. Intention and action. If you have one without the other, you’ll never have what you want.
Progress is a process but stopping won’t speed it up.
Awareness is the key to life. If you raise your awareness, you elevate your whole life. Training is just physical awareness but there are other types out there.
Finally, everything is love. If you approach all situations and instances from a place of love all will be well.

WHAT ARE SOME OF THE LESSONS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC? I learned that we must be willing to adapt quickly. The pandemic changed lives and the world very quickly and failure to respond promptly cost people their peace of mind, their wealth and, even their lives.
I noted that people with healthy lifestyles (athletes for example) contracted covid-19 and recovered. Living a healthy life can save us from disease which is really dis-ease if you notice.
Loving the people in our lives deeply is important. You do not know how long you have them around for. My heart was pained when Zororo Makamba passed away. I did not know him personally but I watched his show ‘State of the Nation’ in awe of him. His eloquence and self-expression was remarkable and it hurts to have lost such a real one. May we cherish each other while we still enjoy the gift of life.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR SOMEONE WHO WANTS TO MAKE A BIG DECISION? Yes. A big decision is ultimately a personal decision. Let the love that resides within determine the choice to be made at all times and it will never be the wrong choice.
You know yourself best. If you do not, get to know yourself enough to make a personal decision. Do that and all will be well.

YOUR FAVOURITE AUTHOR AND NOVEL? My favorite novel is actually a trilogy of 3 books. The trilogy is called “The Kingkiller Chronicle” written by Patrick Rothfuss. It is a superb read.
My favorite author is Robert Greene. He writes about power, seduction and human nature. His writing style is so precise it feels like no word is out of place and I like that.

WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR TheNeroEff3ct? I know for certain that I will be training for the rest of my life.
I shall open a school to teach fitness, martial arts and philosophy with the intention of imparting life-giving skills to students. Some of the people I currently train have already agreed to be part time teachers there teaching fitness and their respective disciplines which include law, music, tourism, entrepreneurship, art and quite a few more.
I also intend to enter the media sector. I have a passion for media and I have a grand idea of how to revamp media in Zimbabwe. You’ll have to wait and see what that is.
I’m going to write books distilling what I have learned. Some of them will be course books at my school but others will be more esoteric in their nature.
The future looks bright indeed.

HOW CAN PEOPLE GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU AND ANY PARTING WORDS? People can find me on Instagram and Twitter. The handle is @theneroeff3ct.They can also email me In parting, just remember that we all have a light of love inside of us. If we let it shine we can change our lives and in the process, the world too. Let’s let our lights shine and banish the darkness.

Days slowly turn into years

24 years ago my mother welcomed her second daughter into the world and the child’s maternal grandmother named her Takudzwanashe which means we have been honoured or exalted by God in Shona. She grew to be a bubbly child and she asked a lot of questions.

There are  a lot of people who have been there for me during my good and bad days. Family and friends who have always believed in me and allowed me to be the best version of myself. My mother has been my pillar of strength and she believed in me when the whole world did not  believe in me. When l was notified that l was in Form 3 Yellow l was disappointed and thought that nothing good or fruitful would ever happen in my life. If my mother was not supportive l would never have passed my exams. My mother’s  letters and her wise words kept me going . Who would have thought that the girl who struggled to write her name in first grade would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree?

My mother taught me how to read and l used to go to the library with her. I guess you have already figured out that l inherited my love for reading from my Mum. My mother never compared me with anyone else and that means a lot to me.

Today is my birthday and l would never have been where l am today if my grandfather wasn’t a part of my life. He taught me to work hard, help others and to always follow my dreams. My grandparent’s marriage is one of the reasons why l believe in true love. My grandfather loved Mai Fadzai up until the time of his death.

My great grandmother is a superhero and  l am grateful to have met her. Although  l was young l remember watching Gogo MaMoyo singing and having church services on her own. This has taught me that being a Christian does not mean going to church every day. The lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19 taught us that we can also practice home worship . My great grandmother’s life was  full of joy and happiness because she was able to make decisions on her own and questioned culture. Lastly, Gogo(grandmother) taught me the power of prayer.

Blogging and podcasting have brought so much joy to my life and I am glad that the dream finally became a reality. I am glad that I have joined the Afrobloggers family and I have met my brothers and sisters who are in different parts of the world. Who would have thought that Takudzwanashe would be able to make decisions on her own, take care of her mental health and take one day at a time?

The woman who named me is a blessing and her prayers sustain me. She is a wonderful mother to her children and she raised her children well. Gogo is kind, hardworking and she her stories are not only fun but inspiration too.

I am grateful to be alive and as l look back l can testify of God’s love and faithfulness. God has been the anchor of my life but, there was a time l lost my faith. I reached my breaking point and l was angry at God. My cheeks have some tear streaks that are only visible in God’s eyes. Hope will always lead the way and l believe that  God’s grace will never let go of my hand.

I am uncertain of what this new year holds but l am certain that God will always watch over me.

Be kind to yourself

It was not an easy battle but you chose to fight.
A fight that killed a part of you.
You were wounded and scared on the battlefield.
You prayed and cried to your Maker each day.
Begging Him to let you float rather than sink.

The tears have stained your heart.
The screaming robbed you of your voice.
Your body carries numerous scars and wounds.
Wounds that you will have to nurse for the rest of your life.
The memory that haunts you up to today

All you want is to be able to sleep well at night.
You want to fall in love with the person you see when you look in the mirror.
To smile and not scream when you see your reflection or shadow.
How you wish to have the courage to use the following phrase without crying.
“I will try again”.

Why did you choose to hurt yourself?
You are a human being and you make mistakes too.
Always remember that you are not perfect.
Do not let that anger and bitterness consume you.

I want you to remember that you are brave.
You are a warrior, a hero and a fighter.
Take baby steps until you get there.
Be your superhero.
Smile and embrace who you are.
You deserve to be happy.
Promise me one thing,
that you will forgive yourself.

We all need that special friend

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Occasionally all you need is someone who can hug you or laugh at one of your lame jokes. Life is seasoned with a lot of disappointments and this is why it is important to have a strong support system. It is important to have someone who will be there for us during the good and bad days. Someone we can trust and someone who loves us unconditionally.

We all need that special friend who is willing to pick up the phone in the middle of the night and to let us vent. You need a friend with whom you will share memories.

I hope that you will find that special friend and if you have already found your special friend never let her or him go.

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