Winterabc 2021 Day 4 – My fellow creatives

Be consistent– Come up with a flexible routine and make it a habit of publishing your work to your audience. You wouldn’t want your audience to forget about you and your craft. Never put yourself in comparison with others– There is only one you in the whole world and instead of copying someone’s idea orContinue reading “Winterabc 2021 Day 4 – My fellow creatives”


Yesterday was a good day and I read more than twenty articles and I must say the bloggers are creative. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and stay out of our comfort zone. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone us but it also taught us a lot of life lessons. There was a time l wasn’tContinue reading “WinterABC2021-Day 2: THE HLOMU SERIES”

WinterABC2021 Day 1- This is my story: I am a Creative

Hello, June l have been waiting for you and l am glad that you are here. Today is the first day of the AfroBloggers Winter Challenge which will run throughout the month. This is a great opportunity for any African creative out there to share their great stories and it is a learning opportunity too.Continue reading “WinterABC2021 Day 1- This is my story: I am a Creative”

To my loving husband

Hello, my lovely readers,😃 today is the last day of the month and l am happy to announce that I will be taking part in the Afrobloggers winter challenge. After reading The Husband Journal I was inspired to write a letter to my future husband. Enjoy😃😊 I have been praying for you and I amContinue reading “To my loving husband”

Why do you ignore your soul?

Happy new week my lovely readers😀. This month we had a chat with TheNeroEff3ct and you can read the interview HERE Paul also wrote this poem😊 enjoy! Do you know why you ignore your soul?Perhaps the things your soul has to say scare you.What is this “you” that’s “scared” of what the soul says?It’s theContinue reading “Why do you ignore your soul?”

A chat with TheNeroEff3ct

Hello, 😃my lovely readers. TheNeroEff3ct is our guest for this month and I hope that you will learn something from this interview. WHO IS TheNeroEff3ct? The question makes me feel like a superhero who is being asked to expose his identity. Ha! TheNeroEff3ct is Paul Takunda Bako. I’m 29 years old and I live inContinue reading “A chat with TheNeroEff3ct”

Days slowly turn into years

24 years ago my mother welcomed her second daughter into the world and the child’s maternal grandmother named her Takudzwanashe which means we have been honoured or exalted by God in Shona. She grew to be a bubbly child and she asked a lot of questions. There are  a lot of people who have beenContinue reading “Days slowly turn into years”

Be kind to yourself

It was not an easy battle but you chose to fight.A fight that killed a part of you.You were wounded and scared on the battlefield.You prayed and cried to your Maker each day.Begging Him to let you float rather than sink. The tears have stained your heart.The screaming robbed you of your voice.Your body carriesContinue reading “Be kind to yourself”

We all need that special friend

Occasionally all you need is someone who can hug you or laugh at one of your lame jokes. Life is seasoned with a lot of disappointments and this is why it is important to have a strong support system. It is important to have someone who will be there for us during the good andContinue reading “We all need that special friend”

Sending hugs your way this Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day and a lot of people are celebrating and appreciating the mother figures in their lives. However, Mother’s Day is not a happy day for everyone. I have decided to write this piece and I  hope it will bring comfort and good memories to some people. There is a mother who isContinue reading “Sending hugs your way this Mother’s Day”

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