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A chat with the brains behind Story Untold ZW

Who is Farai Mudzingwa & what is the story behind the creation of Story Untold ZWI’m a storyteller who is passionate about filling the information gap in Zimbabwe. Before starting Story Untold ZW, I was a writer at Techzim for 3 years and during that time, I realised there was a huge gap in ZimbabweContinue reading “A chat with the brains behind Story Untold ZW”

A chat with Tinayeh the Vocalist

Happy new month my lovely readers. May this month he kind to you❤🤗 Who is Tinayeh the Vocalist? Tinayeishe Shepherd Chivandire is a 20-year-old vocalist and songwriter. My stage name is “Tinayeh the Vocalist”. My music Career Began In 2008 at the age of 6 singing at school and church choirs.  My music career wasContinue reading “A chat with Tinayeh the Vocalist”

A chat with Sandra Sigauke

Can you please tell us about yourself and Shcwits? My name is Sandra Sigauke, I turned 31 recently. I am a Veterinary Surgeon by profession. Schwits is a brand I started because I like creating things, looking good and smelling nice. What motivated you start your business ? I was motivated by curiosity honestly. IContinue reading “A chat with Sandra Sigauke”