Around the campfire

The day we sat around the campfire we realized that we had lost so much . We had forced ourselvesĀ to believe that we were immune to pain andĀ we had decided to bottle our pain and anger inside. Little did we know that our emotions and feelings are alive and it is impossible to bury them.Continue reading “Around the campfire”

I was not ready to say goodbye

There was a time I was hopeful that you would call and apologize for leaving without saying goodbye. I wanted you to hold me so tight and never let me go. I remember crying myself to sleep every night because my life was incomplete without you. You made me smile, laugh and I adored you.Continue reading “I was not ready to say goodbye”

Stepping out of your comfort zone

There are two groups of people, those who are willling to try and the other group of peopleĀ  are scared to try . The first group of people is confident, brave and are willing to ask for help . The second group of people is scared to raise their hand and try. This is becauseContinue reading “Stepping out of your comfort zone”

The post-graduation era

Dear Emily I hope that this letter finds you well and in good health. CongratulationsĀ  my dear on completing your Bachelor’s degree in Accounting. I am so proud of you . I was really heart broken when I received the news that no guest would be allowed at your graduation ceremony.Ā  This is because IContinue reading “The post-graduation era”

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