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Are you being kind to yourself?

These are difficult times and sometimes we might feel like we are overwhelmed and tired. It’s okay not to have everything figured out, but don’t give up.We long to walk freely in the streets, to not sanitize our hands every time we walk into a shop or when we are in public places. Before theContinue reading “Are you being kind to yourself?”

A good song has to end

When SoProfound announced that he was leaving radio I thought he was going on a vacation and all he needed was a break and he would be back to entertaining his audience. SoProfound later mentioned that he would be hosting his last show on the 5th of September 2021. I  was sad but not thatContinue reading “A good song has to end”

A review- In 30 Days

Author: Ntombikamama MoyoCover rating:4/5Overall rating: 3/5Themes: mental health, friendship, love, forgiveness, religion, women empowerment SummaryIn 30 Days is a story about Lee-Anna Ndebele who is a lawyer at Zweli and Associates and she is good at what she does. Anna’s boyfriend of nine years breaks up with her on her 30th birthday she is heartbroken.Continue reading “A review- In 30 Days”

My first library experience

My mother used to walk with my sister and I to¬† Marondera Children’s Library once a fortnight. I was still young to be a member so we would escort my sister and wait for her to borrow the book that she wanted. When I was old enough to be a member of the library IContinue reading “My first library experience”

A review- We need new names

Author: NoViolet Bulawayo Cover rating: 3/5Overall rating:4.5/5Themes: Family, poverty, friendship, culture shock, identity, religion, abuse, mental health, identify Summary: Darling is the narrator of We need new names and the story is divided into two parts *Living in Paradise*Living in America ParadiseDarling lives in Paradise with her mother and she befriends¬† Godknows, Bastard, Sbho, StinaContinue reading “A review- We need new names”

A review-Who moved my Cheese?

Author: Spencer JohnsonBook cover:3/5Overall rating: 4/5 Which character do you resonate with?* Do you resist change like Hem?*Do you sniff change like Sniff?*Will you learn to adapt to change like Haw?*Will you Scurry into action like Scurry? SummaryWho moved my cheese is a parable about two little people (Hem and Haw) and two mice (SniffContinue reading “A review-Who moved my Cheese?”