A story told through the eyes of left-handers

Dear reader This is our last piece for the day or I should say for the year🤔. Until the next 13th of August (Left-handers day) Keep shining! Today is a special day for left-handed people and if you know any leftie just be kind enough to listen to their story. We are sure that theyContinue reading “A story told through the eyes of left-handers”

Left-Handers Walking Down Memory lane

If you are left-handed please spoil yourself and remember that the world is celebrating you today😊. I am super excited to be working on a collaboration with my fellow lefty Connie Dia. These are some of our experiences. Enjoy SCISSORS Using scissors is a struggle for me. I have to pay attention or else itContinue reading “Left-Handers Walking Down Memory lane”

Owning Your Big Magic!

I met Black Mwana ( Kudzanai Matilda Kurotwi) during WinterABC2021 and she has become a friend and a blogging sister🥰. She will be reviewing Big Magic written by Elizabeth Gilbert. Q: What is creativity?A: The relationship between a human being and mysteries of inspiration. This book is about self-expression. Exploring the creativity within you, howContinue reading “Owning Your Big Magic!”

Camp meeting memories

Worship has been disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and people have now resorted to home worship. Going to church gave me a sense of belonging and it was always nice seeing my churchmates. I am sure every one of us wishes that the global pandemic would come to an end so that they could beContinue reading “Camp meeting memories”

A review -Stay with me

Welcome to August, may this month be filled with laughter, life lessons and hope. Last month I managed to read four books and one of my sisters Justine❤ encouraged me to try and read more than four books this month. Author :Ayobami AdebayoOverall rating: 4.7/5Cover:4./5Book title:5/5Themes: barrenness, societal expectations death, marriage, reconciliation You can listenContinue reading “A review -Stay with me”

Be a ray of sunshine

My adult life has taught me that there are a lot of things that money cannot buy. The things that we need are expensive and you would never afford them if they were priced. These expensive commodities include love, happiness, a support system and gratitude. The world is going through a difficult time due toContinue reading “Be a ray of sunshine”

A review-Life will humble you

Author: Audrey N ChirenjeCover rating: 3/5Overall rating:4/5Themes: culture, love, religion, support system Summary: Life will humble is a love story about Ronda and Ricardo affectionately known as Riko. Ronda’s life takes a 360° turn when she is kicked out of her matrimonial home because she fails to conceive. When Ronda is trying to get backContinue reading “A review-Life will humble you”

Don’t give up, Keep going!

The sun will rise again. Maybe it will not rise today or the day after but it will eventually rise. I know how it feels to be a spectator in your own life. To have nothing to look forward to and to be angry at yourself. Maybe you are angry at yourself because you failedContinue reading “Don’t give up, Keep going!”

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