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A chat with Tinayeh the Vocalist

Happy new month my lovely readers. May this month he kind to you❤🤗

Who is Tinayeh the Vocalist?

Tinayeishe Shepherd Chivandire is a 20-year-old vocalist and songwriter. My stage name is “Tinayeh the Vocalist”. My music Career Began In 2008 at the age of 6 singing at school and church choirs.  My music career was inspired by great musicians which include Amanda Black and the late Dr. O.Mutukudzi. I grew up to realize that music was not only for entertainment purposes but power. It is the power to share critical messages, inspire action, and leave lasting change. I chose to use music to transform people’s lives for the better. I’m in love with Afro Soul and fro Jazz because these two musical genres express my vocal range and emotions more. “So far Little Done, So Much To Do” is one of my favourite quotes.

What inspired you to apply for the Voice2Rep competition?

Although Voice2rep is a competition, I saw an opportunity to learn more about being socially conscious and issues that have to do with accountability. I also wanted to gain experience and learn how to work with other musicians because you can learn something new every day.

What are some of the lessons that you have learnt along the way?

I learned that it is important to be responsible and accountable for your actions. I managed to value working well with others. The Voice2Rep musical competition groomed me into a better songwriter who is also socially conscious.

Do you believe that people in your community are aware of Gender-based violence?

I believe people are aware of gender-based violence but I believe that there is some level of ignorance. Society is normalizing the abnormal, to the point where neighbors or close relatives of those facing GBV, do nothing about it they believe it will simply end without action. I believe that there is a need to make sure society is made aware or held accountable

What inspired you to write a song about gender-based violence?

I felt there was a need to address the issues around GBV because some people are still ignorant. I felt inspired to use my voice to speak on behalf of a victim in this case a woman who is afraid to lose her life for the sake of her children. She cries out to the unengaged and unsupportive society. Should she continue to suffer when the ones responsible for the change are not willing to take action?

How do you intend to use your V2Rep opportunity to speak more about Gender-based violence?

I intend to use my voice to continue speaking more about ending GBV, even on large platforms. I want to spread the word that is possible to live in a society where GBV does not exist.

What do you seek to achieve by releasing a song about gender-based violence?

To erase ignorance about GBV and its effects. To promote healthy relationships or marriages in our societies. I also want the world to see that men can also be against GBV.

Do you believe that men are also victims of gender-based violence?

I strongly believe men are also victims of gender-based violence in the present day., But men tend to keep the issues to themselves because when they get the courage to speak up they are labeled as weak or liars. In some cases, they are made fun of.

What is the role of art in addressing accountability issues?

Art is a tool for delivering messages get to people. Some addressed issues can be too controversial and personal. So art is more acceptable and expressive it is easy to express yourself through art.

Do you think Zimbabweans are doing their best in raising awareness for GBV

Yes, Zimbabweans are raising awareness for GBV. It is with programs like Voice2Rep that awareness is being spread amongst other programs and institutions.

Don’t forget to follow Tinayeh the Vocalist on his social media

Instagram – @tinayehshepherd
Facebook – @Tinayeh Shepherd
Twitter- @Tinayeh Shpeherd


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