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The adulting series: Trying to get back on my feet

Hello my lovelies, this is the last post of the series. I am a bit sad because it’s time we say goodbye to this series but it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have these conversations. A big thank you to my agemates ‘the 25-year-olds’, who agreed to share their adult stories.

Being 25 has been a rollercoaster. High and lows and honestly there are times I want to end my life.
It’s in the lows I’m always asking myself what’s my purpose or why should I live a happy life now that my mom is gone.
At 25 it’s the year I will always remember the death of my mother. So that’s gloomy.  Twenty-five is the year you get advise; share your goals and now that person/my cheerleader is gone.
I don’t talk about it because of pity partiesūü•≤ and I don’t want to lie that’s the worst.

Some days you’re thinking you’re not special, nothing new here. People die, mothers, die you’re just meant to be miserable all the days of your life. That’s when I ask myself why should even live.
Being the firstborn doesn’t make it easier. Once expressed how sad and suicidal I was and the response I got was your siblings need.  I know there’s someone who’s going to read and say I’m selfish. Honestly, I don’t care because there’s no one there for me. I am just supposed to be strong, grieve but not too much, and cry but not much because there are people that need me. Whether you’re okay or not that doesn’t matter some people need you.

25 is a milestone probably the best and it’s right to be grateful to the higher power or God you believe in.
Grief made me change a lot of what I want in my life.
No children so I can fully live my life because kids are expensive, I’ll be responsible for them whilst the partner/husband provides and achieved their goals and diseases that come from childbirth.
I don’t have advise because nothing makes sense anymore in my life.  I know we do things for our benefit but the blessing of a mother is something I’ll never have so why bother?
Anywho my mum always used to say, Live in the moment and do what makes you happy.
I hope after this I’ll start writing again probably something less sad because that’s a happy place for me.

Our adult years have got their ups and downs. I hope and pray that you will be kind to the person you see when you look in the mirror ‚̧‚̧‚̧ Have a wonderful weekend- The Baobab

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