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The adulting series: My story

If our former high school English language teachers would give us an assignment or an essay titled “Adulting” every one of us would have a good mark. This is because the adulting essay is a lived experience. It is a lived experience.The adulting series was inspired been inspired by an article on The Watch with Benjamin To make the adulting chat exciting I invited a few age mates to share their experiences. Dear reader, I hope you will be able to relate to some of the stories. Lots of love The Baobab

****I don’t even know where to start, I have a lot to say but maybe I should just start from the beginning. Mind you, my beginning because this is my story……
I have reached my breaking point on several occasions and there are days I have cried. I am grateful to be alive and I believe that God’s grace has carried me this far. I was a guest on Denzel’s blog don’t forget to read my blog post.
Every weekend social media is abuzz with people getting married, and sharing their pregnancy or engagement pictures. To be honest there was a time I felt the heat but I told myself that I do not need to compare myself with others. When my mother was my age she gave birth to me ( I am her 2nd child), my sister got married when she was my age. As for me, it is a different story. I am happy for everyone who is celebrating the beginning of the parenthood or adulthood chapter.

I have outgrown most of my friends and there was a time I thought we would sit at the same table at our retirement home. One of the takeaways is that you ought to live in the moment. Sometimes I wonder why I was thinking about retirement homes when I had never reached menopause. Adulting has taught me to love myself, celebrate the small wins and be kind to myself. It is so easy to hate yourself when you compare yourself with others and be too harsh on yourself when you are doing your best.
Lastly, adulting has taught me to appreciate the small things that money cannot buy. To be grateful for family, friends, good health and the moments that I laugh or smile. Dear reader, I know that you are doing your best. As long as you are still alive your shelved or suspended dreams can still become a reality.

The series continues with my fellow agemates sharing their adulting stories. Winky D’s song titled 25 now hits different.


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