WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation:How play healed me

My Mum always reminds me that I should let the child in me live and do anything that makes me happy.

Early this year I invented Karaoke Sundays. I pick songs from my music playlist and I have to sing along and dance to the songs. Most of the time I sing the wrong lyrics but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that I am happy and I have fun. On some occasions, I might have had a long week, and I would be feeling mentally and physically drained. On the other hand, adulting could have been unkind to me. In the moment of feeling broken and suffocated dancing and singing along always feels like a warm hug on a cold June night.

There are some pains or traumas that you do not immediately heal from. For some, it will take months or even years. There was a time I was a bitter girl and I bottled my emotions and feelings. My mother encouraged me to write everything down if I don’t have the strength to talk about it. When I was in high school I would write a journal entry each day. With time I decided to bring my characters to life and let them share my pain or bear the burdens with me. I chose to find healing through playing with words and allowing someone else (an imaginary character) to be a vessel I use to share my struggles, pains and hope for the future.

Playing with words, karaoke Sundays, yoga and dressing up have healed me. These acts are effortless and all you have to do is be present and have fun.

Day 22/22😅
I am happy that I managed to write and publish an article for the past 22days. It was an exciting experience and it was surely a learning opportunity. Kudos to all the bloggers that took part. Thank you for taking this walk with me. I will be taking a break and I will be back before you know it😉.

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