WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation:Day of reckoning

Welcome to the last week of the #WinterABC2022.

When I was in high school people always looked forward to the day when the learners came to collect their Advanced or Ordinary Level results. The week that the results were released teachers rarely attended the lessons since they were in the school office viewing the results. If the teachers attended the lessons they would only come to show off the learners who excelled or make fun of the learners who failed.

Most of the people who came to collect their results would be feeling anxious since they were unaware of their results. Some people would come to collect their results in groups but they would only leave the school in pairs. Some learners would be relieved, shocked, happy or disappointed when they collected their results. On the other hand, the mobile phone would have numerous missed calls and messages from family.

I jokingly told my sister that she missed out on all the fear and the panic associated with collecting results. Viewing results online has been a relief because at least one travels to their former school  being aware of their results. If one has failed, they would have accepted the outcome than dread going home after collecting the results. The learners who would have excelled can find a reason to move around the school premises greeting teachers or friends.

Viewing results online has been a relief to most of the learners. But it also causes anxiety when one is unable to access their results due to network challenges. Oh, I had forgotten, one screenshot to family or friend can go viral.

What has been your experience of collecting results in high school?

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2 thoughts on “WinterABC2022 Stories of Innovation:Day of reckoning

  1. I missed out on the experience of collecting my A Level results – I had “travelled” and this was back before communication was easy as it was now, by the time I got wind that the results were out my familyhad gone to collect on my behalf haha! I think I actually lost touch with a large number of high school connections during that time because that’s when people exchanged contact details and plans -and it was still before Facebook and the internet so it was a big deal.
    On one hand I love the idea of online results collection it saves quite a lot of time – but the system still needs plenty of streamlining to make it properly and technically anyone who knows your candidate number can access your results too ( I have helped out some cousins and friends to check their results and even their friend’s too and sometimes I dont think the people we will be checking for are aware that we are checking their results especially if they have never logged into the system 😂

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    1. Funny enough I never collected my results in high school. My Mum would just call from work and notify me of my results. I agree with you, viewing results online still has a lot of glitches. Some of my little sister’s classmates were unable to login into the portal because someone had logged in on their behalf🤣🤣🤣.

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