WinterABC2022 Stories Of Our World :Social media

People go on social media for different reasons. Some people want to interact, share their work, de-stress or bully others. I always joke with my sister because I have realised that times have changed. When I was a teenager smartphones were being introduced and WhatsApp came into existence when I was in high school. A few people had access to smartphones but today most of the teenagers have smartphones and are on social media.

Some people have used social media for good reasons whereas some people have been using social media to bring other people down. The trolls might have an extra fake account for every social media platform. These people might use hate speech or vulgar language when reacting to someone’s post. What is heartbreaking is that these bullies have forgotten that there is someone behind the account they are bullying. What has got in the bullies to the extent that they forget about people’s feelings and emotions?

The bullies live double lives, they always have clean social media accounts that they can mention when asked during an interview. Most of the bullies are not strangers, they might be a friend of family member. I hope if you are reading this you are not one of the reasons why people are anxious or shy away from commenting or posting something on social media because of the fear of being attacked. If you were one of these bullies, it’s never too late to start afresh. Imagine if you were the one being attacked, how would you feel?  If your answer has negative rather than positive responses please do the right thing.

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