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WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness: African Women

African Woman

I celebrate you because you have a good heart.  You have proved that all skin types are beautiful. Thank you for turning your house into a home.

Dear African woman I applaud you for your creativity, you have woven beautiful crafts. Your crafts celebrate the African culture and tell the African story. I celebrate the African women who are mother figures in their communities and families. Women who have preached the gospel of love, kindness and gratitude through their acts.

I celebrate the African women who have refused to be silenced but have chosen to speak out. Women have questioned culture and have used their voices to speak out for others.

Thank you for being a role model, a mother and a friend. Thank you for using the pen to share different stories. You have proved that even Africans deserve happy endings. You have written about different issues and the readers have always found comfort and healing. Dear African woman, I can never thank you enough I hope you know that efforts are never taken for granted.

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