WinterABC2022 Stories of Awareness:We can do better

Day 11/22 We are halfway through the #WinterABC2022. Thank you for taking this walk with me

Whenever they scored a goal the fans would go wild. The supporters would compose songs that rhyme with the soccer star’s name and the young children idolised the soccer stars. When it was time for the soccer stars to retire they had nowhere to go. They didn’t have a house in their name and they failed to pay their rentals on time.

We always smile when we mention some of the local authors or recommend their work to our younger siblings. Unfortunately, some of the great authors do not have rights to their work. This is why the young group of writers have decided to take the self-publishing route.

There is that one artist that makes a Christmas gathering playlist complete. In some cases, people even know the particular lyrics by heart. It is a sad reality that some of these musicians do not have the copyright for their music.

The storytellers, soccer stars, and performers now live from hand to mouth. They have created great content and entertained us. They have to ask for donations when they need to be admitted to the hospital. Well-wishers have to step up and pay for the hospital bills or treatment. And when these stars pass away they are given a world-class send-off.

Do we give the deceased a decent send-off because we are scared of being haunted by the spirit of the dead? Maybe it is high time we sit down and reflect on where we are going wrong. We shouldn’t scatter the roses when the legends have died. It would be wonderful to scatter the roses while the legends are alive. That way they get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Don’t you think we can do better?

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