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WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Child of War

Book title: Child of war
Author: Ben Chirasha

Before I went to high school I enjoyed reading novels written by Enid Blyton. I have even lost count of the books that I have read. When I went to high school I realised that most of the books in the school library were outdated and I never looked forward to my library visits.

It so happened that during one of my class visits a classmate brought a Pacesetter novel to the table. The library period was almost over and I quickly grabbed the first Pacesetter novel I could get.  I had planned to keep the book in my school locker until the next library period. But little did I know that the book that I had borrowed last minute would introduce you to my favourite genre.

After the tea break, the teachers didn’t come for lessons since the Advanced Level results had been collected from the Provincial office. I had nothing to do and so I decided to flip through the pages of my library book as a way of killing time.

The book I borrowed was written by Ben Chirasha(Shimmer Chinodya’s pen name). No one had ever told me about what happened during the war. And when I read the title, I realised that the book might have all the answers I needed. Shimmer Chinodya was able to paint the picture of what took place during the Pungwes and how sellouts were treated.

Although I never had someone to narrate the events that unfolded during the war. An African writer from my home country gave me that through one of his novels.

Dear Shimmer Chinodya
I am here because of you, my life is incomplete without African Literature. Your book was the one that introduced me to this exciting genre.

Thank you

The Queen of African Literature

Today is the last day of Week Two of the WinterABC2022. Have a restful weekend and I look forward to sharing Stories of Awareness with you.

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4 thoughts on “WinterABC2022 Stories of Africa: Child of War

  1. The first book I read by Shimmer Chinodya was Harvest Of Thorns great writer indeed.
    And oh yes Pacesseters were life!!!!

    PS I read Enid Blyton while I was still in primary lol

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