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WinterABC2022 Stories of home: To the parents of an African Princess

Dear Nandi and Tawanda

You are blessed to be born in a home where everyone embraces being African. Congratulations on giving birth to an African princess and I hope you will teach her a lot about our African culture. Nyeredzi has a beautiful name. Nandi and Tawanda, I believe that you will raise Nyeredzi (Star) to be a woman who shines, who excels and reminds others to dream big as her name.

There are a lot of lessons that the two of you can teach her but firstly, teach her to be proud of her identity. To look in the mirror and appreciate the sacrifices that her ancestors made, they ran so that she can walk. There are a lot of places that you can go to with Nyeredzi.
Take her to art exhibitions and allow her to ask countless questions. Allow the artists to explain to her what inspired them to come up with African sketches. You can even walk with her around the gallery and create a story using different African sketches.

There are a lot of cartoons set in Africa, and encourage her to watch those cartoons. With time she will grow to appreciate the African cuisine foods. She will learn about, Queen Amina and Asantewaa, women who were great warriors.

Lastly, musicians are great storytellers, through their music they tell an African story. Some music videos celebrate the African culture, African languages and numerous dances.

Nandi, these storytellers are doing their part to ensure that African history is alive. Nandi and Tawanda the baton is in your hands, are you going to share the African stories with Nyeredzi? As you make the decision listen to  Africa by Omawumi featuring Salif Keita and Uhuru.

Give my love to everyone.


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