A review: Who will cry when you die?

Author: Robin Sharma
Cover rating:3/5
0verall rating 4.6/5
Themes: self-discovery, fear, hope, happiness, independence, stress management, family, gratitude, self-love

Who will cry when you die encourages a reader to live his or her best life while they can. This life is full of uncertainties and it is only wiser to do whatever makes you happy now. Although we are now living in a technological world, some people are lonely. This is because people are using their resources for the wrong uses. As individuals, we should make it our goal to practice self-care. Why should you wait for the next person to remind you that you need
to take a break? Learn to take care of yourself.

The book contains tips on how an individual can be a better version of themselves. One should not be too hard on himself or herself. Remember that you are a human being and you do make mistakes. One should learn to say no and not always agree to everything. There is power in reading and reading should be a part of our lives. If the book is not interesting, it is okay not to finish reading the book. Our lives can be overwhelming but one should not let the life pressures steal their joy. There are a lot of things that make us happy, dedicate your time and energy to what makes you happy.

Favourite Quote
Your life is not a dress rehearsal. Lost opportunities rarely come again”.

Will, I be reading another book written by the author? Yes

Do I recommend this book? Yes

You can listen to the review on my podcast.

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