For six months she left work early to prepare supper for her husband. When she arrived late at the Women’s group she always included her husband in her apologies. “Baba and I will be travelling to the village over the weekend, but I can make my payment before we leave”.

Stella’s life was a lie for six months and she had convinced herself that she would do whatever it takes never to tell anyone her secret. She knew a lot of women who chose to speak out but society was unkind to them. The women were treated like lepers and Stella was ashamed to be one of them.

After showcasing a breathtaking performance each day, Stella would only be herself when she got home. She allowed herself to cry and soak in her tears. She was alone and she was ashamed to tell the world the truth. How would society react when got she divorced in the wee hours of her marriage? It is unfortunate that when some late wedding gifts were being delivered her husband was packing and leaving. 

Maybe she would have had the courage to share her story if society was kind to divorced women. I would love to know how divorced women are treated in your societies.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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