Dear April:Thank you

May is my birthday month and I am so happy. It’s not like I am planning a huge party or anything but as I look back I am grateful for the woman I have become. April has been an eventful month for me and all I can say is, thank you April for being kind to me.

*In April I got time to rest since I had been extremely busy from February to the first week of April. It was nice waking up on your  free will than to be forced to wake up by the beeping sound of an alarm clock.

I last plaited my hair in July 2020 and I decided to plait my hair in April. I plaited my hair twice and the last frame was not the work of my hand, it was hairdresser. This was the first time plaiting my hair on my own. Don’t laugh, next time it’s going to be better.

*I read two of Robin Sharma’s books, I had failed to connect with most of the African Literature in my library. I ended up learning a lot from the Monk who sold his Ferrari and Who will cry when you die. Looking forward to reading more self-help books this year.

*Decided to go on a retail therapy with my little sister and we had a great time.

My little sister passed her Ordinary Level examinations. Wishing her nothing but the best in her Advanced Level studies.

I invented Karaoke Sundays, I usually sing along to two or three songs. It is fun and maybe you should try itūüėČ. I sing along to a particular song and dance. PS. Even if you use the wrong lyrics, it doesn’t matter.

*I felt bad for abandoning my blog and podcast. But I have decided to be intentional about my work.

*A few days before the end of April, I lost my job. It was unexpected, and I am grateful for the lessons that I have learnt at this organisation.

*During April I binge-read publications from DivasInc and I have learnt a lot from the publications. You can check out some of the magazines Here

*I spent most of my time colouring and it has been relaxing and therapeutic for me.

What were you up to during April? Please do let me know in the comments section.

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The girl with an overactive imagination

14 thoughts on “Dear April:Thank you

    1. Hey Rachel, May is going to be an awesome month. Don’t be too hard on yourself, when the time is right you will be back to writing inspiring articles‚̧


  1. Hey ghal. Despite the challenges you are a winner. I love your boldness as you took time to do the things you love even when challenges presented themselves.

    I wish you all the best out of this month( our birth month ).

    Read your blog and I looked at how my April was so full of promises I couldn’t get ahold of but despite the many disappointments, I kept on believing for better and I know that May – my birth month is going to be a total turn around for me. Blessings ghal. Happy new month

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