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Breaking the bias-Women in a male-dominated industry

Gloria is a God-fearing woman, a mother to a lovely girl and a wife to Dr Farahd Amos.I am a goal-oriented, hard-working, ambitious and adventurous person who loves trying out new things.

If you were not an engineer which career path were you going to choose and why?
I would be a psychiatrist simply because I have noticed that most other mental health conditions can be treated if detected early. Sadly, most people suffer in silence because of the stigma and discrimination associated with mental health. I have encouraged myself to do what I can to ensure that the people around me are in the right state of mind.

Did you ever belittle yourself on your journey of becoming a female engineer and how did you manage to bounce back?
I became pregnant while working as a graduate electrical engineer and unfortunately I couldn’t perform some of my roles well because I felt tired most of the time. This slowed down my progress in completing some tasks and I doubted myself at times leading me to question myself whether or not I was in the right career path. I decided to focus on Planning engineering activities (Preventive and Corrective) and researcjh as I awaited the birth of my child. This worked for me and I got my confidence back. In addition ,I learned a lot along the journey.

What excites you about wearing a pink helmet?
Being part of the few women moving out of their comfort zone and breaking the norm excites me . Also Providing the engineering field with a feminine touch makes me love my job even more.My field is broad and I could spend the whole day talking about the possible working opportunities for someone who studied electrical engineering.

Do you think there is still a gender gap or discrimination in the engineering field?
A gender gap is there, since we have less oestrogen in the discipline.I haven’t encountered any discrimination based on my gender yet.I feel sometimes as women we belittle ourselves and think we aren’t good enough for engineering.

What can be done to bridge the gaps of gender equality in the engineering space?
Career guidance will be our very first move and it will go a long way. Engineers are quite busy, but as women, we should create time to invite more women on board to explain our titles and descriptions to young girls.
I feel the physical work required in engineering is sometimes overrated as we aren’t painting the right picture to other women to encourage them to pursue careers in the field.

How have you managed to excel and not lose yourself in a male-dominated industry?
Women shouldn’t be afraid to come to wear helmets and work suits with us. It would be much more exciting to work with more women. As hard as it might seem it only needs a little push and discipline, and l believe all fields require that. There are challenges we can face along the way but we conquer those and soldier on.

Any last words to women out there?
Come and join the engineering field so that through our feminine touch we add finesse to whatever we design…

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