Extraordinary woman

May you not lose yourself in the process of becoming independent.

May you become a friend rather than an enemy.

May you be brave to mention the hidden figures that made it possible for you to be here today.

May you carry the young girl’s wishes and dreams on your shoulders.

Hold onto the wise words that the incredible women in your life told you and the values they instilled.

You are a woman, you are a fighter,  you are beautiful and you can do anything!-Takudzwanashe

May you realise you are enough.

May you realise how much value you bring to the table

May you let your light shine

May you never let anyone tell you otherwise..
You are beautiful, strong, courageous , bold and beyond description.

Ever wonder why God made you the custodian of life?
You are special.-Tikia

To celebrate International Women’s Day I worked on a collaboration with my bestie😊. You can check out and follow her blog

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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