A review:This is me the Metamorphosis of Ayo

Author: Patricia Opio
Cover rating:3/5
Overall rating:4/5
Themes: love, family, Christianity, HIV status,5stages of grief, courage, determination,self-care

Patricia writes about her story and how her life changed when she turned twenty-five. The writer thought she had bigger problems but the news comes as a shock on her birthday because she is still a  virgin. Patricia struggles to come into terms with her HIV status and she is angry with God. Patricia embarked on forty days of prayer and fasting activity in the hope that God will eliminate HIV and she will be completely healed.

The writer is angry at God for failing to restore her health. God comes through for Patricia during her examination since the questions paper she used during the preparation stages are the ones she answers to during her exams.

Patricia suffers from depression and she even considers taking her own life. The writer finds ways to die that are less painful or painless deaths. Patricia loses interest in her job and so many other things. The reader also loses people she loves because instead of being there for her they end up saying hurtful words. She decides to take care of herself and take charge of her life and she can accept that she cannot control everything.

What I loved about the book
* The author highlighted that although life is maybe full of challenges it will get better.
* The author was vulnerable and shared her personal story with her readers.
*Healing and finding peace can come from anywhere.
*God loves every one of us.

Favourite quote
” This journey has been about accepting the bad that
has occurred; acknowledging the pain, allowing myself
to go through the stages of grief and trusting the process
however long it may take. Accepting that bad things do
happen to people, I am not being singled out for some
wrongdoing I might have done. Life is simply about
ups and downs. “
Do I recommend this book? Yes

Will I be reading a book written by this author? Yes

You can listen to the review on my podcast Here

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