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Take a walk in the library

Hello my lovely, how is 2022 treating you? Here are some of the quotes from the books that I read but failed to review on The Baobab. The stories were raw and I could see parts of myself in these stories. Now that I am forgiven😅 do read the quotes and look for these seven books. PS I recommend these books below😀

“The losses just kept piling up. It was hard for me to see her there, hear her ragged breath, and think of how she had persevered, but she had. Just lying there in my bed was a testament to her perseverance, to the fact that she survived, even when she wasn’t sure she wanted to. I used to believe that God never gives us more than we can handle, but then my brother died and my mother and I were left with so much more; it crushed us.”-Gifty from the Transcedent Kingdom

Until you attempt to write the story of your life, you cannot quite understand just how hard it is to grasp at the beginning.” -Memory from The Book of Memory written by Petina Gappah

“The war took Zik,” I said in Igbo. Speaking of death in English has always had, for me, a disquieting finality.” -Things around my neck written by Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

“Friendship has splendours that love knows not. It grows stronger when crossed, whereas obstacles kill love. Friendship resists time, which wearies and severs couples. It has heights unknown to love.”– So long a letter written by Mariama Ba

“Happiness is not dependent on whether or not we have problems, any more than it is dependent on whether or not we have material wealth.” The Be Happy Attitude Robert Schuller

“Jealousy is the worst feeling in the world. It creeps up on you, hugs you so that you can’t breathe. Your chest feels compressed and food loses its taste. In my case my condition was worsened by uncertainty.”-Vimbai from Hairdresser of Harare written by Tendai Huchi

Part of grief’s tyranny is that it robs you of remembering the things that matter.”-Notes on Grief written by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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6 thoughts on “Take a walk in the library

  1. I plan to read Chimamanda`s books this year. I have the Transcendent Kingdom sitting on my shelf-hope I get to it as well. Quotes from books you are reading are refreshing.hehehe.

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