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The big city

During my university years, I stayed in Harare the capital city of Zimbabwe and is it a busy city. It took time for me to get used to the big city because I was coming from a small town and although I usually visited my family in the city I was so used to waiting for them to come and pick me up after disembarking from the bus. But now no one could babysit me and I had to face the city on my own. Here are so the pointers that made my stay in the city exciting and they continue to apply now that I am used to city life.

I was coming from a town that had one traffic light, one branch for each supermarket and a particular bank. You can read more of it from My series

*Always have some extra money in your pockets just in case someone steals your wallet. That way you will be able to go back home.

* If you get lost ask for directions from a security guard in a banking hall.

*Mark a road using permanent buildings, (Jason Moyo- Joina City) there was a time I marked my road using a local boutique and guess what the next time I passed that building it was now a bookshop

*Be cautious and you never know, the person standing next to you can be a thief.

* If you happen to get lost, do not panic but walk with your head held high and walk to a familiar place and ask for directions.

*Your phone must be close to you, my phone was always in bra🤣🤣. You can’t lose your phone and money at once.

I would love to know some of the pointers that have been helpful when you are in a busy place or capital city.

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4 thoughts on “The big city

  1. Hahahaha it’s the phone being on the bra for me.
    I like the one of always have some money in your pockets..will remember this one.

    As for advice ,in kampala ,women are taught to hold their purses or bags a certain way when in the bustle of town. Always hold it firmly under your arm and pointed towards the front.
    It’s because that way you stand a chance of avoiding a pick pocket or fighting chance with a bag snatcher.

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