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You made it!

We are three days into the New Year my loves❤. Thank you for being part of my journey. I know that the past two years have been traumatic and stressful because of the COVID-19 pandemic but we keep hope alive and well done for being kind to yourself. All the best in 2022😊😚

My 2021 highlights
* I read 24 novels
*I became the Queen of self-care
* yoga has helped me deal with anxiety and stress.
*Watching In Conversation with Trevor has inspired me in so many ways.
*I have been a great parent to my blog and podcast (I love my babies)
*I met amazing and loving friends from the AfroBloggers family☺
*I found peace over the things I cannot change.
*I celebrated a lot of wins

*I have cried, I have felt broken but I have managed to pick myself up.
* I am grateful for the gift of life and my family.

What are some of our 2021 highlights? Please let me know in the comments section.

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