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A chat with Sandra Sigauke

Can you please tell us about yourself and Shcwits? My name is Sandra Sigauke, I turned 31 recently. I am a Veterinary Surgeon by profession. Schwits is a brand I started because I like creating things, looking good and smelling nice.

What motivated you start your business ? I was motivated by curiosity honestly. I wanted to see how it would work out. I am not much of a business person but I like making things and thats what motivated me.

How do you define beauty? Beauty is happiness, its being happy and comfortable in your own skin. Thats how I’d define beauty, being absolutely content with yourself.

Why this kind of business? Skin problems and acne aside, many black girls are not happy with their appearance. Little girls dream of straighter hair and lighter skin. I wanted to help black girls realize that their full of magic. The melanin and the curls are full of magic.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In 5 years I hope to be manufacturing the products by myself and supply my products to different parts of the world.

How are you managing your business amid the global crisis? The global crisis has been a blessing in disguise because most people started doing DIY hair and skin care and that boosted the business. Getting our products isn’t easy but we are getting by.

What are some of  lessons that you have learnt along the way? I have learnt that owning a business is not easy. It takes a lot of courage because the losses you endure sometimes are too many. But I’ve learnt to be patient and not give up.

Looking back what do you think you would have done better as a young business owner? I should have been better prepared. I jumped into the deep end before I was a good swimmer and that was a disadvantage. I should have engaged established business people for mentorship.

What have been your greatest obstacles  as an entrepreneur? The greatest obstacles have been to do with getting the products and establishing a brand. People don’t like trying new things, and penetrating the market was not easy but well here we are.

Any advice to anyone out there who is scared of making a big decision? Just do it!

Thank you so much for being part of my journey this year. May 2022 be filled with laughter, achievements and growth.-The Baobab

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