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A review -Chances

Author: Audrey Chirenje
Cover rating:3/5
Overall rating:4/5
Themes: love, forgiveness, trauma, family, relationships, loss of a child, forgiveness, mental health

Ropafadzo Kondwani lives in Canada and is Riko’s sister who we met in Life will humble you which happens to be Audrey Chirenje’s first offering. The events in Audrey Chirenje’s two books seems to be interconnected and I fell in love with everything. Ropa is still traumatised and healing from the loss of her child and she had also lost her faith when she meets Ralph at the bar.

Although Ropa fights hard to push Ralph away, Ralph is patient with Ropa and he promises to protect her. Ropa and Ralph’s relationship blooms from a friendship to an engagement and eventually marriage.

What I loved about the book
* The author highlighted that although life is maybe full of challenges it will get better.
* One can face their fears and heal from life traumas.
*When you love someone you allow them to be the best version of themselves.
*Expressing your emotions and feelings doesn’t make you a weak man

Favourite character

Favourite quote
“So yes, it’s real because you literally feel like your heart has been torn into tiny miniscule parts. The problem with classifying it is that people then try all different tips to dull the pain, to fill that hole inside your heart, that emptiness, that feeling as if you are sliding  into oblivion but nothing can help.”

If you love happy endings it’s time you look for Audrey’s  book😜
Do I recommend this book? Yes

Will I be reading a book written by this author? Yes

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