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A review- These things

A review- These things

Author- Elizabeth Awori
Cover rating-3/5
Overall rating -3/5
Themes- Mental health, love, loss, memories, abuse, masculinity, therapy

These things is a collection of poetry which is divided into four parts.

The poems are not far-fetched and they will take you back to a time or a person. Although the poems are fictional the reader can see parts of his or herself in the work of art. The author was able to raise awareness for rape or abuse in a relationship which is told through the eyes of a woman who is a victim and the poem is one of the poems that stood out for me. The poems carry words of healing, hope comfort and on the other hand, they evoke different emotions in the reader.

My favourite quote
“Some days I’m the moon visible only in the dark, other days I’m the sun; alone but enough.”

Will I be reading another book written by the same author? YES

Do I recommend this book?

You can listen the review on my podcast Here

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