A chat with the bloggers

A happy new week and guess what, today is the last day of October. The chat series for this month is targeting creatives (bloggers). They will share with the world what their blogs mean to them. Enjoy🤗

Words from the Pot

Is a home for me where I share stories of encouragement, love and life lessons to the world intending to help people lead better lives.

My blog is one of the mediums through which I share my story with the world hoping that one soul is either protected or encouraged or caused to feel loved and motivated to keep living and doing it better.

My blog is a home where I also welcome people to come and share their shine with the world.

My blog is a mini kingdom where I have chosen to stay and do life with the world.

It is a hub where learning, living and loving is the order of the day!


The sunflower bookshelf

When I started blogging back in
2016 I never thought it would lead to a passion, to a way of being, to new opportunities, to new friends and so much more. I didn’t even know what blogging meant. I’ve loved reading and found comfort in books since I
was young. As I grew up I wanted to share the stories I read with everyone I meet mostly my friends.
It was a sunny afternoon, on the patio of my then favourite coffee shop, where I was exchanging ideas with a
friend, that I was introduced to blogging. I wanted a platform where I would share my thoughts and the shy me didn’t want to share them on social media. My friend then suggested that I blog about them. I had no idea so I did a small research on how to go about it. I started slowly, sharing everything—from what I learned at school, to what I was eating at home and the in-between.

As the blog grew up, I started being intentional and purposeful on what I wanted to post, and the topics were reduced to just books, personal growth shenanigans and some advice on personal finance.
Blogging to me is therapeutic. It’s like journaling. It’s like gathering around fires after dinner and sharing stories.
Only that I share them with virtual strangers who became my blogging family. I love it. Blogging helps you create
content; build your writing and reading skills and promotes autonomous learning and provides opportunities that allow you to grow mentally and financially. The blogging community brings out the creative side of you. Blogging is magical and easy. I encourage everyone to do it. Have you started yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Check out my blog http://www.thesunflowerbookshelf.com

Mind of a boyfriend

My blog is an extension of my essence. Each word, sentence and paragraph is a piece of me. Weirdly, this blog is like my child. My DNA is imprinted in it. I’ve watched it mature, interact with other blogs and hopefully, I’ll see it graduate. Not sure if blogs can get married but I’m here for it. Safe to say, my blog is a mini-me for the most part and it means everything to me as a child would.
Check out his blog on http://www.mindofaboyfriend.co.zw


My blog is about sharing stories, life experiences and encouraging people to have a turnaround no matter how long someone has travelled. I also encourage people to go through the day and make sure that their life has a purpose. Join my tribe on https://www.semesnooks.com/?m=1

Black mwana memoir

My blog is a place of learning and inspiration. Where people find hope and be able to get tips on how they can ace their goals. It’s a memoir that focuses on self-development and to me helping people is what I love the most. Check out her blog on http://blackmwanasmemoir.wordpress.com

Tikia with grace

My blog is my diary, a documentary of my life journey of finding purpose and meaning in life around the situations  I find myself in.
I get to express what I would normally never say out loud. My blog is my voice and best friend. It’s also another to let someone else out there know they are not alone. As I write I hope to preach kindness humility and spread love. Check out her blog on http://www.tikiawithgrace.com

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