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Mazita edu

“We did not name our children after our parents, after ourselves; we feared if we did they would not be able to say their names, that their friends and teachers would not know how to call them. We gave them names that would make them belong in America, names that did not mean anything to us: Aaron, Josh, Dana, Corey, Jack, Kathleen”.-We need new names by NoViolet Bulawayo

A name gives you a sense of identity and belonging and people can use your name when referring to to you. A big thank you to my friends who managed to help me translate the names below in their languages.

Kinyarwanda (Rwanda)

Love- Urukundo
Hope- ibyiringiro
Gift- impano
Joy- ibyishimo
Trust- icyizere

Trust- kwesiga
Joy_ Ssanyu
Love- Kwagala
Hope- Ssubi
Love- Kwagala

Trust- 😬
Joy- Mufaro/Rufaro
Hope- Tariro

Love – ɔdɔ
Hope- Anidasuɔ
Gift – Akyedeε
Joy – Anigyeε

Rudo / Thando
Chipo/ Sipho
Mufaro/ Ntokozo
Vimbayi/ Thembani

Yoruba (Nigeria)
Love – Ife
Hope – Ireti
Gift – Ebun
Joy – Ayo
Trust – Igbekele

I would love to know the meaning of these names in your language. Feel free to drop them in the comment section😊.

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