A good song has to end

When SoProfound announced that he was leaving radio I thought he was going on a vacation and all he needed was a break and he would be back to entertaining his audience. SoProfound later mentioned that he would be hosting his last show on the 5th of September 2021. I  was sad but not that sad, I was sad because I enjoyed listening to his show every Sunday morning. When I became a blogger and podcaster I would brainstorm and write my blog posts for the week while listening to his show. On the other hand, I was happy for him because as human beings we grow and challenge ourselves each day. As I look back I am not the person I was two years back. Although we might be scared of change we move and try something new.

It’s funny how I got to listen to SoProfound’s show, a guy who was asking me out at that time encouraged me to listen to Love Longue which was hosted by SoProfound every Monday to Wednesday from 2100hours to midnight. After some time I later discovered that Soul Avenue was another show that SoProfound hosted and when I began to listen to his show I fell in love with it.

My Sunday mornings through to the afternoon were reserved for Soul Avenue and I remember the day I made my first call on radio. During the WinterABC2021 I wrote a piece about how I was given a chance to curate a thirty minutes playlist for music from a different ear. All I can say is Sis that’s me🤗 was elated and it’s the small things that make room in people’s hearts.

Soul Avenue felt like home and although I had never met SoProfound I felt like I knew him. The playlist also had incredible artists and if I was to share the stories behind some of the songs I would need the whole day. SoProfound’s show was organised and it was more of playing music than taking. It was an incredible radio experience. I enjoyed Willom Tight’s interview and when he shared the story behind Ndiripano Mudiwa by Mateo and Friends  I began to appreciate that song more. I know of a lot of old school songs because my Mama used to play them when I was growing up. She is always surprised when I can sing most of the songs. How can I forget the Shingai Mangoma’s interview or the Fortune Chasi interview,  Brian Nhira…
A simple song could be a lesson on its own and when Tich Mataz shared the story about “Kana wochema” by Yvonne Chaka chaka I immediately googled the lyrics and played the song over and over again. I am glad that Tich Mataz interviewed SoProfound for the last time on Soul Avenue.

I am going to miss SoProfound I wish him well and I can’t wait to see what he has to offer to his audience. You can watch some of his amazing interviews on his YouTube channel called SoProfound

I am excited to meet the different voice and get to know him or her and learn something from them. One last thing and not compare him or her with SoProfound because that would be unfair, they are two different people.

Be kind to yourself!

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