A review- In 30 Days

Author: Ntombikamama Moyo
Cover rating:4/5
Overall rating: 3/5
Themes: mental health, friendship, love, forgiveness, religion, women empowerment

In 30 Days is a story about Lee-Anna Ndebele who is a lawyer at Zweli and Associates and she is good at what she does. Anna’s boyfriend of nine years breaks up with her on her 30th birthday she is heartbroken. Khwezi drops the bomb and notifies her will be getting married to another woman.

Anna is heartbroken and she is depressed and she even attempts to take her own life. The young woman is heartbroken and confused because everything was going on so well in her relationship with Khwezi. Anna’s best friend Logan encourages her to attend Khwezi’s wedding and although she was against the idea she attends the wedding and meets Herndel Jones who is part of the bridal team. Anna ends up falling in love with Herndel and a lot of secrets unfold during their relationship.Herndel and Anna have known each other for thirty days and they get engaged.

Favourite character: Tracy

Favourite Quote
I’ve known you for 27 days. You can’t compare that. That’s why I’m offering you something way better. I’m offering you a forever with me, countless days and everything in between. I’m offering you, someone, to stand by your side for the rest of your life.”

Everyone deserves to be loved and I believe in second chances😊

Do I recommend this book? YES

Will I be reading another book written by this author? YES

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