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My first library experience

My mother used to walk with my sister and I to  Marondera Children’s Library once a fortnight. I was still young to be a member so we would escort my sister and wait for her to borrow the book that she wanted. When I was old enough to be a member of the library I was elated. I remember borrowing picture books, books with vowels and being old enough to read short stories.

Mama would let me read my book when she came became from work and during the weekends we could do a few spellings and comprehension. Enid Blyton is one of my favourite author childhood authors and I have read The Famous Five, Secret Seven, Mallory Tours and the Enchanted Wood. Let’s say I managed to read most of the books written by Enid Blyton that were in the library.

When I went to high school my classmates didn’t look forward to the library period and I would end up borrowing five books on behalf of my classmates. Unfortunately, the library didn’t have a variety but I read most of the Pacesetters that were in the library.
In the fifth form, I bumped into a storeroom that I called my little Paradise. Although the room had a broken window it felt like home. The books written by African giants were on the floor and the shelves we covered with dust. Those books were good my gold. Whenever I was in that storeroom dust and a stuffy room didn’t bother me. How would I have been irritated or annoyed when there was something that made me happy?

During my first year at University, I would borrow a lot of books from the library because I had never seen a lot of libraries in one space all my life.  Whenever I am in a library I feel happy and appreciate the millions that the books are worth not forgetting the knowledge hidden in those books.

I value reading because my mother taught me how to read and I appreciated visiting the library from a tender age.

Fun fact
I cover all the books that I have and I don’t eat while reading a book.

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6 thoughts on “My first library experience

  1. First of all I dot understand people who can eat while they are reading…..

    OMG I think I read all Enid Blyton and Hardy Boys and Goosebumps I could find and then I disappeared down the wormhole of Pacesetters those still hold a very special place in my heart

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  2. You come a long way with books hey. Kudos to your mommy doe instilling the love for reading. My mom used to buy for me a lot of magazines instead because she could not afford to buy books. Magazines we’re cheaper

    Liked by 1 person

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