Letting go

What do you do when something doesn’t feel like home anymore? Do cry, do you let go or do you give it time?

Take a walk down memory lane and try to remember how you felt whenever you saw the canvas and paintbrush. Do you still remember the smile you wore every time you sang your favourite song? There was a time that something you loved was your haven and it made you feel alive.
And it played a part in the person you have become.

Maybe your hobby saved you, maybe it sealed the cracks and me your whole. Your crafts gave you something to look forward to. But fast-forward to the present the thought of something that you once loved and enjoyed doing leaves a bitter after taste in your mouth. It makes you feel nauseous and you are strangers to in your happy place. You choke in your own words when you try to sing, you can’t hold the paintbrush anymore and you don’t look forward to writing your stories anymore. It pains your heart but there was a time you would sing, paint or write until you fell asleep.

Give yourself time.
When the time is right you can let go of your craft but do not destroy that home never let go of the good memories❤

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

6 thoughts on “Letting go

  1. Take a step back and remember why you loved that song. Why you love to write, why you love to do what you do.
    The answer is always in the why..
    And sometimes you have to let go other times you come back stronger.

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  2. I am an advocate of taking a break whenever it starts to become a burden. Even with my blog, there are days when I feel like I’m overwhelmed and it’s no longer fun anymore. That’s where I take a breather and rest my creative juices. When I come back I’m all hyped up and happy.

    Rest! Rest!!

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