The power of music

In October 2019 I was depressed and I struggled to go through the day without shedding a tear. I was in a dark space, and my graduation joy was short-lived because although I tried to look for a job nothing came my way. I was angry at myself and I lost my faith, and I found sleeping to be comforting, at least I would escape from my reality of being unemployed. With a heartache, I tried to go through the day and all I wanted was for the pain to go away. The thoughts of committing suicide even lingered around my head for quite some time.

As I was trying to go through the day as per my usual routine my aunt asked me to google the lyrics of 3way Phone call- R Kelly and I look to you-Whitney Houston and send them to her. I read the lyrics and when the songs I sent to my aunt and since I had nothing to do I decided to listen to these two songs.

I listened to these two songs interchangeably and I let the tears soak my chubby cheeks. I look to you and 3way phone call spoke to me and up to today, I believe that my aunt was an angel God had sent to save me.

3way phone call-R Kelly
Some people know you inside out and you can never pretend when you are with them. You will never be a burden to your loved ones but they are always willing to help. Sometimes you might give up but look at how far you have come. When God didn’t answer my prayer I was angry at Him and I lost my faith. Faith and hope are like light in a dark tunnel, they are our guide. Sometimes you need someone to tell you that you are not alone. God remains God be it during the good and the bad times. Simple words like I trust you, help me God are a prayer.

I look to you-Whitney Houston
This song became my prayer because I didn’t have the strength to pray. Although I felt defeated, tired and angry a part of me still believed in God.
When something darkens your sun, you might be confused, weary but always keep hope alive. God will give us the strength to go through the day. Our Maker will save us and give us the strength to start all over. God hears the said and unsaid prayers.

Music saved me, what saved you when you were in a dark place?

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11 thoughts on “The power of music

  1. Books and writing saved me. I started my blog during the pandemic to cope with anxiety and depression. I remember reading Sir Alex Ferguson’s biography and though it’s far from a self help book, it gave me the drive to want to live a life worth writing about. Have you listened to Leave a light on by Tom Walker? It’s a good one

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    1. Thank you for the kind words baby girl. Taking baby steps until I get there. I still listen to Whitney Houston song “I look to you” when I am feeling down. I am the queen of singing wrong lyrics🤣 These days, I Google the lyrics before I humiliate myself.


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