Left-Handers Walking Down Memory lane

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If you are left-handed please spoil yourself and remember that the world is celebrating you today😊. I am super excited to be working on a collaboration with my fellow lefty Connie Dia.

These are some of our experiences. Enjoy


SCISSORS Using scissors is a struggle for me. I have to pay attention or else it would be a big disaster. By the time I am done cutting paper or plastic my left arm will be a bit sore.

HAND SKILLS I always wanted to learn how to knit or use the crotchet hook because my grandmother and mother knit beautiful scarves and jerseys.
Unfortunately, I didn’t get anyone to teach me.
The other people were not patient enough to assist me.

Fast forward to my adult life, one of my friends who is a tailor had offered to take me for sewing class but she ended up withdrawing her offer because she found out Iam left-handed.

FOOD AND NUTRITION CLASS When I was in High school the sewing machines were only designed for right-handed people.
Although some part of me wants to learn how to sew I ended up going to the Food and Nutrition class because I do everything with my left hand.

SITTING IN THE MIDDLE I always prefer sitting and the end of the table because if I sat in the middle I would end up bumping my elbows with other people.

When I was in High School I always had an extra pair of uniforms on standby because I would bump elbows with some girls in the dining hall and up spilling tea or soup on my uniform.

DANCE CLASS During my first semester at University if one studied Theatre Arts. Introduction to Dance and Dances forms was a compulsory module.
It took me forever to master some dance routines.
I always moved to the wrong side because when the instructor raised his left hand I would raise my right hand.

GREETING PEOPLE Whenever I greet someone with my left hand not that I would have done it intentionally. People often shout at me or say that I am rude but I do almost everything using my left hand.

USING CERTAIN EQUIPMENT The Ice cream scoop shows me flames and I would rather dish ice cream using a dishing spoon.
The gold medal goes to the tin opener and potato peeler.

SMEARING INK I don’t like making presentations where I have to write on the board.
This is because I might end up erasing everything that I have written. Funny isn’t it?
I hate writing on paper because if the ink doesn’t dry so fast I might end up smearing my paper and it will be messy.

My mother taught me how to eat using a fork because she would sit on the opposite side of the table and she used the same method when I had to learn how to tie my shoelaces.


Take it away Connie ☺🤗

Happy Left-handers day this year I couldn’t forget the holiday I had a partner in likeness who hurriedly reached out and we shared in funny stories of our escapades while growing up left-handed and well clearly the conversation evolved .

Join us on a walk down memory lane. If you are left handed comment with your story, If you are a right handed feel free to celebrate with us.

Like hold up! Have you actually ever thought of this.
It’s interesting how we went about living and not realizing these were drawn up for the right handed people.

Stay with me here, You know when you hold a ruler and are reading measurements off it. Guess what, I had to tilt my hand in a way to be able to see the numbers because my hand was over the numbers.
I recently learned it was not supposed to be that difficult.

For one who enjoys dancing ,Everytime a choreographer would say “Ok 1,2,3 let’s go.”
My feet would definitely easily sway to the left handed side first and the frustration of thinking oh no I got it wrong.

All am saying it’s always at the top of our heads “Start with your right side, start with your right side dear Connie.”

Even I laughed out loud at this. I still don’t understand why it was difficult for me to get to the end of the line.
Oh yeah! The binder always got in the way.
Those rings in the middle of the book.

Kindly note don’t buy a leftie books with those rings in the middle ,we might just use up half the book. What a waste!

Honestly I dreaded each minute I was told to open sodas for visitors or if I was given a task in the drink area and be certain we had a whole lot of parties growing up.

I will have you know there is a difference between being clumsy and something actually being held wrong.
We are most likely to come off clumsy but oh well it happens that I cannot hold a can opener rightly enough.

Everytime I was opening someone’s soda, I had practiced words in my head. Don’t ask me what! But eventually the can would pop open.

I cannot emphasize this enough, I preferred the school desks. When the schools thought having an arm seat attached to the chair was an awesome idea they didn’t consider the lefties then.

Twisting my arm to have to take notes wasn’t exactly a good experience. I remember vividly how I would get off my hands hurting because ofcourse my arm had spent half it’s time hanging in mid air as if held by an invisible hand.

I now understand why I wasn’t always enthusiastic about writing in books am probably always bombarded with the question. Where will I be writing from?
It matters. It does matter.

On a plus side for this I will never forget the day I landed on a chair with a left arm seat attached to it, if I could write my name on it I would.
Whichever carpenter that was he was definitely left-handed.

Ok here it is, am those lefties that everything is left for me.
If you slapped my right cheek I would probably touch the left cheek instead.

It varies, some people are able to divide their activities between the right and left hand.

So thing is ,my father tried with all means possible to get me to use my right hand to eat.
When I say all means I mean all possible means for instance keeping food away from me, beating my hands, removing forks from me, talking till your veins almost pop.
This young child just wasn’t budging. I think he later gave up after realizing it was not yielding any results.

My left hand still does it for me, I remember a time when I used to use a knife as a cover up for my right hand to seem busy just so that people wouldn’t get offended.

Honestly if eating using my left hand is offensive to you sorry I also honestly don’t understand how the food flows when you use your right hand.

It’s clear there things that are hard for left handed people to do just because of how the things are made.

I didn’t even come close to the list, I laughed hard with Taku when we figured out why a potato peeler felt arkward in our hands, not forgetting that when we hold tape measures the numbers are upside down our end or even merely knowing that holding a guitar makes you feel like you can drop a baby🤣🤣🤣.

Life without left handed people wouldn’t be right.
Two left handed gloves don’t make a pair.



You can read more of Connie’s work on her blog https://behindclosedscreens.wordpress.com

Or follow her on Twitter https://twitter.com/DiaConnie?s=08

Or on Facebook

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12 thoughts on “Left-Handers Walking Down Memory lane

  1. Wonderful piece. I am right handed but this was a joy to read. Will be sure to check out Connie’s blog.


  2. Interesting stories guys.

    It is unbelievable to know that you guys are just special people. I always make fun of my sister especially when she’s cooking.hahah

    In SA it’s very rude and disrespectful to greet with a left hand. So you guys should practice greeting with a right hand because when ok come this side the elders will not be happy🤣🤣🤣🤣
    I still love you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh girls….. You guys I love the way you’ve openly encourage the generation… Moving in the wrong direction in the dance class just because of your right hand which others take as left🤣🤣🤣 hope there’s were no abuses and downplaying your worth…
    Keep strong ladies

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Imagine doing the wrong moves during dance class and being in the middle🤣🤣. There was a time I confused the girls I was dancing with and although they were mad they eventually forgave me. The bullying and abuse was there and is it is still there. When I was young I struggled with the nasty comments but these days I don’t take it to heart.

      Liked by 1 person

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