A story told through the eyes of left-handers

Dear reader

This is our last piece for the day or I should say for the year🤔. Until the next 13th of August (Left-handers day) Keep shining!

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Today is a special day for left-handed people and if you know any leftie just be kind enough to listen to their story. We are sure that they would be interested in sharing their experiences with you. There is a lot that needs to be done to help left-handed children in our communities or families.

Always remember that being left-handed is not a disability and there is nothing shameful about raising a left-handed child. We are now in the 21st century and it is high time we change the narrative. Desist from using derogatory terms when you are referring to someone left-handed. As a parent or guardian be supportive and be patient enough to teach the young left-handed child some skills which include tying their shoelaces, using the fork or writing his or her name. Avoid asking rhetoric questions that you would never ask someone right-handed like, “does your arm hurt when you hold the sweeping broom with your left hand?”.


Some children had a traumatic childhood because they were beaten up wherever they used their left hand. We know of some of our agemates who suffered from burns because their parents wanted them to stop using their left hand. Although it was an act of love these children had a traumatic childhood. In some cases, the left-handers had low self-esteem and comments from their teachers who were supposed to protect them made them hate school or being in public places.

Please do not get offended when a left-handed person greets you or hands you something using their left hand. We do get carried away sometimes and we struggle to switch hands since we do almost everything using our left hand.

Be kind always!

Lots of love

The lefties😊😉

Connie Dia and Taku

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