A review-Life will humble you

Author: Audrey N Chirenje
Cover rating: 3/5
Overall rating:4/5
Themes: culture, love, religion, support system

Summary: Life will humble is a love story about Ronda and Ricardo affectionately known as Riko. Ronda’s life takes a 360° turn when she is kicked out of her matrimonial home because she fails to conceive. When Ronda is trying to get back on her feet she meets Riko who is TK’s manager at a meeting and she ends up  falling for the guy even though she doesn’t say it out loud. Due to stress Ronda collapses and ends up being in a hospital bed with the doctor notifying her that she is pregnant.

Although Ronda is confused, scared and overwhelmed Riko commits to take care of her and he even calls her my rib. Ronda ends up falling in love with Riko. Riko was willing to take care of Ronda and raise Raphael like his own son. Ronda and Riko’s relationship is not rosy because they face a lot of challenges which include Ronda’s difficult pregnancy, Sean threatening to sue Riko and Nitrah exposing the family secrets. Despite all the challenges that the couple faces love conquers and God is the third man in the fire.

What I loved about the book:
*The author emphasized the power of prayer and having a relationship with our Maker.
It is not right for parents to choose life partners for their children.
*Counselling and therapy helps in strengthening relationships (Riko and Ronda).
*Postnatal depression
*The sacrifices we make for our loved ones.
*Everyone should have a strong support system.

My favourite character: Ropa

Favourite quote: My mess had been turned into a message that there was hope in any situation in life. Where your natural ability ends, that was when God stepped in and the supernatural began to manifest. All the glory was God’s because we had not done anything; he had masterminded the whole process. -Ronda
Will I be reading another book written by this author?
Do I recommend this book?
One last thing, if you are a fan of happy endings you should look for this book🤗

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