A book review -Mess

Happy new month my readers, I wish you nothing but good health, achievements and happiness.

Author: Dudu Busani-Dube
Cover rating:4/5
Overall rating:4.9/5

Themes: Mental health, family, support system, death, trauma, suicide, therapy

Summary: Mess is the fifth book of the Hlomu series. I cried myself to sleep when I finished reading the book because my heart was sore and I could not believe that Mqoqi had died. The Mess afforded me a chance to get to know Mqoqiwokuhle better and who he was on his own with the Zulu brothers title. A lot of secrets from the past also came back to haunt the brothers and these include the heist, Amanda and the Bhungane brothers.

What I loved about the book
*The author managed to talk about mental health issues.
*Men are also victims of domestic violence.
*It is okay for someone to express their emotions or feelings.
*Toxic relationships can kill someone slowly.
*Money cannot buy happiness.
*Childhood traumas play a part in our adult life and choices.

My favourite characters: Mqoqi, Lahliwe

My favourite quotes
“I am tired of being decent and good in the hope that this life will be good to me one day and give me my big break. I hate it! I hate people like you, Lale, and….”– Ntuthuko

You can listen to the review on my podcast HERE

Will I be reading another book written by this author? YES
Do I recommend this book?
I do recommend the whole series🙂😉

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