WinterABC2021 Day 22- Homecoming (Part 2)

Day 22/22 is the last day of the WinterABC2021 and I am proud of everyone who decided to take part. I never thought I would come this far but here I am. I am thankful for the friends I have made, the lessons I have learnt and for my lovely readers who have taken this walk with me.


Today’s post is a continuation from yesterday post and you can read it here

When the car pulled over, two naughty faces peeped through the window and they both shouted ‘Baba(father) is home’.The young boys were so excited that their father was home but no one had prepared them to face a man who struggled to stand on his own feet.

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Thank you, Bhudhi Joe, mari tinoisa paEcocash kana tamumba‘,( I will send you the money through Ecocash when I am in the house. Bhudhi(brother) Joe helped Madzudzo walk to the house and two terrified faces stared at their frail father. Before the boys could greet their father, Madzudzo threw up on the beautiful doormat on the veranda. Maslyn was about to scream but Bhudhi Joe squeezed her hand. Was Madzudzo that sick that he would not feel like he was about to throw up anymore? Or all he wanted was to punish his wife? Maslyn was not supposed to be punished, she was the victim.

When Maslyn soaked her colourful mat that was now covered in vomit she broke into tears and knelt on the ground. She was heartbroken and confused. “Are you alright sisi? ” Bhudhi Joe asked. Maslyn tried so hard to fight the tears that were stinging her eyes but she let them fall. Tears rolled on her cheeks. ‘My sister no matter how dark it is the sun will surely rise again, it might hours, days, months or years but the sun will surely rise again. I cannot tell you to be strong because I do not know how it feels to nurse an ill husband, l do not know how it feels to be betrayed by the love of your life because I am only twenty-two-years-old.


“Sisi(my sister) when you feel like crying please do, when you want to leave the house please do but do not lose yourself in the process”. The young boy
the man bid Maslyn farewell and walked to the gate in silence.
Maslyn smiled, Joe was only twenty-two- years-old but he was so full of wisdom. He had been raised by a single mother maybe that’s why he understood her pain. He was a brave young man and she prayed that he would never grow up to be like Madzudzo.

When Maslyn walked into the house she saw  Timothy crying and Titus was comforting him. “Chirega kuchema kani Timmy,(Please don’t cry Timmy) Baba will get better, go back to work. If Mhai(mother)catches you crying you will be trouble”. The eighth years old boy quickly wiped away the tears on his cheeks but the swollen eyes and the tear stains would easily betray him. The two boys hugged each other and when they are about to walk to the living room they bumped into their mother. 

Timmy shyly looked away and Maslyn did not bother to ask them what was wrong because she knew that everything was falling apart and nothing will ever be alright. “I thought you guys were outside l have been calling you, l need you to go to kumagirosa(grocery store)for me, come let me give you the money. Timmy made a loud sigh of relief since fear had imprisoned him and he dreaded the lashes from the leather belt. ‘Munotenga chicken ye three dollars maHuni please, (Go and buy chicken pieces for three dollars in Mr Huni’s butchery) tomatoes a loaf of bread and a pint of milk, here is a dollar spending money do not be late l need to start preparing supper. The two identical twins both smiled and wore their sandals that were on the doorstep and walked out of the house.


Maslyn knew that Timmy was fragile he never wanted to be hurt but Titus was strong he was a brave young boy. He believed that his father would get better and go back to work but his wife did not believe that. Maslyn believed that her husband would get worse and eventually die. Why did she not have the positive attitude that her son had for once?

She was so scared, was she going to lie in the same bed with that man and satisfy him with his sexual pleasures? The thought of it made her sick. Maslyn had to be strong for once in her life, she was supposed to face her fears and fight . She made a silent prayer and walked into the living room where Madzudzo was sleeping. She wished that he was dead and that way everything will be alright. Then she thought there would be war and Madzudzo’s family members would only blame her for being a witch and blame her for killing him. Madzudzo was supposed to live and tell his parents that he had hurt Maslyn and that he was not worthy to be her husband and ask for a divorce.  Everything was falling apart. What was she supposed to do?

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