WinterABC 2021 Day 16- The Roora Squad

Today’s post is a continuation of yesterday’s post.

The lobola or roora negotiations nowadays are incomplete without the ‘roora squad.’ The roora squad is made up of friends or siblings of the bride and they are there to offer moral support and celebrate with the bride.

I am at that age where a  former classmate, someone’s sister or my senior from high school is getting married. I also follow Zimweddings and rudorwedu on Instagram and I must say, every weekend the cows are surely coming home in Zimbabwe.

Roora squad -Source :Pinterest

There are some challenges that  have been brought by the introduction of the roora squad :

*The roora squad attire can end up being expensive and some friends of the bride might end up dropping out from the squad.
*In some cases there might be a conflict since the bride might choose a tailor that everyone cannot afford.
*It might be a burden to some girls since they have to save money for the hairdo, makeup artist, tailor, the fabric and for a manicure.
*The chosen design for the attire might not suit everyone and some members of the squad will be miserable on the day.
*Some of the clothes might be too short and not appropriate for helping out during the roora day.
*Sometimes when one fails to dress up and have a roora squad because of financial constraints people might make fun of you.
*There is a group of people who only dresses up to upload their photos or social media not because they want to feel good.

Source :Pinterest

Back then a decent dress, a chitenge or zambia wrapped around the waist was what one had to wear for their lobola day. My question to you my readers, is our culture changing?

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5 thoughts on “WinterABC 2021 Day 16- The Roora Squad

  1. Unfortunately it is changing and becoming more about the gram.
    I still don’t understand why people would be inconsiderate of those escorting them… Thanks for sharing


    1. It’s a sad reality people are more concerned about the views and likes on their posts on social media. In the end, one wants a lifestyle they can’t afford.


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