WinterABC 2021 Day 15-The roora or lobola day (1)

Welcome to the Culture and Fashion Week

The lobola negotiations bring two families together (the bride’s and the groom’s) and it is also a day of celebration. In some cases the mediator from the groom’s family is given a list of the proposed bride price and the gifts that they should buy for the parents of the bride. Lobola is a token of appreciation to the bride’s family for raising the bride and instilling values and morals in their daughter.

Source: AfroBloggers

In some cases, the lobola negotiations have been modernised and it has become a burden to the groom and his family. The bride prices can be overpriced since some families calculate the money they spent on their child from the time their child was born to the present day. The list of groceries can be more than enough to feed students at a boarding school for the whole school term. Lobola negotiations are no longer bringing families together but rather tearing the two families apart. The mediator might have to ask close family members to send money through bank transfers or mobile money. Although the day is for celebration the groom will spend the day calculating the money he owes his family and planning on how he has to pay the money back.

Lobola negotiations have seen the rise of lobola loans and young men who want to get married are now joining lobola stokvels. Back then grain, livestock and a small token were more than enough. But my question to you my readers, is our culture changing?

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