WinterABC2021 Day 13- Mrs J and her online business

The Business and technology week has been informative and exciting. Let’s hope you have a few takeaways too. Remember it’s never too late to catch up on reading the blog posts that are taking part in the AfroBloggers Winter challenge. You can use the following hashtag #WinterABC2021

Mrs J is a Christian, lecturer, entrepreneur, a registered sales agent for an online fashion brand, a wife and a mother to four bubbly children. She has shared some  benefits of selling your products online and the lessons she has learnt during her journey.

Fluffy wool hat and booties

-You have a larger clientele base,
-Your products can reach more territories,
-You can provide products for different financial groups

-Courier charges can be expensive for distant clients
-Prospective clients may not have smart phones or data
-Trust issues guarantee for sales

Image from AfroBloggers

-Be prayerful and God will direct you to the paying customers and products to develop
-Different cultures have different values
-Aways keep your shop open
-Never give up
-Grow your customer base by listening to clients give them what they ask for.

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