WinterABC2021 Day 12- A girl’s favourite application

When I was in high school I hated my menstrual period because I had to wake up early and take a bath before the girls in my dormitory woke up. During the day I would be a bit tense because I dreaded standing up with a stained skirt or leaving a stain on my chair. The boys at my school would make fun of the girls who stained their school uniforms and it would dent the girl’s self-esteem.

The first menstrual period of some girls was filled with tears, anger, confusion and humiliation.

Fast forward to my years at university 🤗

*** I don’t remember seeing anyone with a stain on their clothes. Maybe some young women spoiled their clothes but it was less chaotic as compared to my high school experiences.

When I asked some of my WhatsApp contacts to share their secret they were grateful to have discovered the period tracker applications.  How I wish I had discovered the period tracker earlier but, even if l did cellphones were not allowed on the school’s premises. If I tried to mark my menstruation dates in my diary someone would steal it and read all my diary entries.

Source : Play store

The ladies notified me that the period tracker is reliable and convenient.
*It is easy to use.
*It reminds them that their emotions and feelings are valid.
*They can even receive notifications on what time they should hydrate.
*If you are planning on having a baby the calendar will notify you of your less fertile days and your ovulation days.

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My period tracker is one of my best friends and it has made me realize that some of the pain and the wave of emotions that I go through are not imaginary.  I have also noticed the patterns in my menstrual cycle and I am now aware of what l shouldn’t eat during my period. My period tracker has been helpful since the notifications remind me of when my period is due. I can wear comfortable clothes that do not make me feel like I am imprisoned and miserable because it is that time of the month.

Dear woman, smile the period tracker has got you!

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12 thoughts on “WinterABC2021 Day 12- A girl’s favourite application

  1. I use a period tracker too and I was surprised at how accurate it can be sometimes. Although other times, it gets my dates wrong. But it’s pretty reliable. I’m glad you discovered this app sooner.


  2. You don’t lie, I also started using the tracker waaay waaaay later but better late than never right, and it has been great. I also wish there was a more simpler and convenient way of tracking all this when I started having my period because those days were the worst. *pheeeew


  3. I still hate my periods cz they hurt af. 🙈 but the period tracker is something I’m grateful for. It helps me get prepared for that time and I’m astonished at how accurate it is, even with my irreguralities. I shut off the notifications tho 🙈 I juss remember to check it every now and then


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