WinterABC2021 Day 11-My shopping experiences

We are halfway through the AfroBloggers Winter Challenge and l am proud of every blogger who decided to take part. If you plan on giving up now look at how far you have come and trust me you are doing just fine.

I have met a lot of entrepreneurs and although they sold beautiful products l chose not to buy their products because of several reasons l have decided to share with you today.

Image from AfroBloggers

*There are three different prices for the same product depending on the means of the money that you will use. If you have the US$ you will pay a flat fee but if you have the RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) it has to be cash since they don’t accept bank transfers. Lastly, if you have mobile money (Ecocash) you will have to pay more. Unfortunately, most of the business owners do have the round figure for their products and if the dress costs $8.20 your change will be in Ecocash.

The entrepreneur might have the cosmetics that you need but the challenge is that they might not be willing to make deliveries.

With the different price ranges depending on the mode of money that you have if the product is a foodstuff or a toiletry l would prefer buying it in a supermarket.

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who are selling peanut butter, surface cleaners or toilet cleaners. The challenge is that they overprice their products and yet their containers or bottles are not the standard ones. It would be wiser for business owners to use standard containers when packaging their products.

Poor communications skills are the reasons why relationships and businesses fail. If someone is offering a service or selling a particular product they should learn to communicate with their prospective customers. When you cannot meet with your customer due to a tight schedule or family commitments it is better to communicate in advance.

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