Yesterday was a good day and I read more than twenty articles and I must say the bloggers are creative. Sometimes we need to challenge ourselves and stay out of our comfort zone. The COVID-19 pandemic affected everyone us but it also taught us a lot of life lessons. There was a time l wasn’t myself anymore. I didn’t want to switch on the tv or listen to the radio because l dreaded to hear about the spike in the COVID-19  cases or how many lives were lost.

I was scared and there was a time l had panic attacks and cried. My big sister recommended The Hlomu Series and l immediately fell in love with Dudu Busani-Dube’s craft. I had never heard about Hlomu or the bug-eyed brothers but it seems like l have known them my whole life.

The series is about eight Zulu brothers who are taxi drivers in  Johannesburg South Africa. The stories are authentic, exciting and address various issues from domestic violence, love and family ties.

When I first read The Hlomu series I was the same age as Hlomu’s. Hlomu was twenty-three years old when she met Mqele. MaHlomu mothered Sbani, Lwandle and Mvelo and l thought to myself if l was in Hlomu’s shoes could l have managed to save the ship from sinking.

MaHlomu brought the family together and everyone in the family listens to whatever she says. MaHlomu is a fighter, builder and protector.

Dudu Busani-Dube created her characters in a way that they seem real and l remember crying when Mvelo was shot and l justified the Zulu brothers when they sought revenge. When Zanele left the wedding venue l wasn’t angry at her, l understood her pain. Her best friend had betrayed her and she had spent seventeen years in prison. Zanele wasn’t a part of her children’s life when they were growing up. When Zanele came back from prison her sons referred to Hlomu as Mami while they called her Zanele. Zanele was there for the bug-eyed men before they became businessmen. l was scared when Hlomu was pregnant with Niya and if Niya did not have the bug-eyes l believed that Mqele would kill Hlomu.

I laughed so hard when Qhawe was losing his mind in the labour room. Hlomu was right the Zulu men are scared of two things, a woman’s tears and a baby coming out of a vagina.

The Hlomu series is a good read but, you will fall in love with one of the Zulu brothers. I am still waiting for Qhawe to ask me out🙈. If you are a fan of romance and drama you will enjoy reading the series.

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7 thoughts on “WinterABC2021-Day 2: THE HLOMU SERIES

  1. The Hlomu series is written beautifully. I am reading Hlomu for the third time and it is still as captivating as when I first read it. I


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