WinterABC2021 Day 1- This is my story: I am a Creative

Hello, June l have been waiting for you and l am glad that you are here. Today is the first day of the AfroBloggers Winter Challenge which will run throughout the month. This is a great opportunity for any African creative out there to share their great stories and it is a learning opportunity too. I hope my readers will enjoy the content l will share and one last thing let’s have fun.

Image from AfroBloggers

When l was in junior each Friday a particular class would be in charge of performing either a play or poems during assembly. I always looked forward to Fridays because that meant watching a performance before going to class. When my class was in charge l always took part in the plays. It was exciting and l used to memorise my lines while bathing or doing my chores at home. Unfortunately, the high school l attended did not have a Drama Club but l longed to be in on the stage.

During my Advanced Level break, Mzansi Magic aired a South African Telenovela called The Road. The characters had two lives (as the cast of Sophia town and their real lives outside of the theatre space). I fell in love with Xolile who was a scriptwriter and she was the one who created the characters. She was like their potter, she would mould them, break them and put them together again. She spoke life into the characters and without Xolile the characters did not exist. God created us in His image and we also can CREATE anything and BE CREATIVE. At that moment l realized that this is what l wanted to be. I wanted to be a scriptwriter and create characters and stories that the audience can connect with.

When l applied for my Bachelor’s degree l was not offered Theatre Arts and on the first day after the orientation week, l went to see the Chairman of the Theatre Arts Department. I was scared because if he did not sign on my amendment form l would not be able to be a part of the Theatre Arts class. When the Chairman signed my amendment form l was happy and l wanted to hug him.

A lot of people made fun of the students who studied Theatre Arts, they thought that we came to University and play. Some of the students would act surprised when they saw us in the exam halls. Even though people made fun of my classmates and l had fun and we were happy. The Alfred Beit Hall was my happy place and I hold onto the great memories I had in that hall.

Theatre Arts week -March 2018

Never allow negative criticism to bring you down. It might seem like everything is falling apart but remember you deserve to be happy. l have tried studying film but it isn’t exciting as being a theatre practitioner or maybe Theatre Arts will always my first love.

This week l celebrate creatives just like me😃

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