Days slowly turn into years

24 years ago my mother welcomed her second daughter into the world and the child’s maternal grandmother named her Takudzwanashe which means we have been honoured or exalted by God in Shona. She grew to be a bubbly child and she asked a lot of questions.

There are  a lot of people who have been there for me during my good and bad days. Family and friends who have always believed in me and allowed me to be the best version of myself. My mother has been my pillar of strength and she believed in me when the whole world did not  believe in me. When l was notified that l was in Form 3 Yellow l was disappointed and thought that nothing good or fruitful would ever happen in my life. If my mother was not supportive l would never have passed my exams. My mother’s  letters and her wise words kept me going . Who would have thought that the girl who struggled to write her name in first grade would graduate with a Bachelor’s degree?

My mother taught me how to read and l used to go to the library with her. I guess you have already figured out that l inherited my love for reading from my Mum. My mother never compared me with anyone else and that means a lot to me.

Today is my birthday and l would never have been where l am today if my grandfather wasn’t a part of my life. He taught me to work hard, help others and to always follow my dreams. My grandparent’s marriage is one of the reasons why l believe in true love. My grandfather loved Mai Fadzai up until the time of his death.

My great grandmother is a superhero and  l am grateful to have met her. Although  l was young l remember watching Gogo MaMoyo singing and having church services on her own. This has taught me that being a Christian does not mean going to church every day. The lockdowns imposed due to COVID-19 taught us that we can also practice home worship . My great grandmother’s life was  full of joy and happiness because she was able to make decisions on her own and questioned culture. Lastly, Gogo(grandmother) taught me the power of prayer.

Blogging and podcasting have brought so much joy to my life and I am glad that the dream finally became a reality. I am glad that I have joined the Afrobloggers family and I have met my brothers and sisters who are in different parts of the world. Who would have thought that Takudzwanashe would be able to make decisions on her own, take care of her mental health and take one day at a time?

The woman who named me is a blessing and her prayers sustain me. She is a wonderful mother to her children and she raised her children well. Gogo is kind, hardworking and she her stories are not only fun but inspiration too.

I am grateful to be alive and as l look back l can testify of God’s love and faithfulness. God has been the anchor of my life but, there was a time l lost my faith. I reached my breaking point and l was angry at God. My cheeks have some tear streaks that are only visible in God’s eyes. Hope will always lead the way and l believe that  God’s grace will never let go of my hand.

I am uncertain of what this new year holds but l am certain that God will always watch over me.

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