Be kind to yourself

It was not an easy battle but you chose to fight.
A fight that killed a part of you.
You were wounded and scared on the battlefield.
You prayed and cried to your Maker each day.
Begging Him to let you float rather than sink.

The tears have stained your heart.
The screaming robbed you of your voice.
Your body carries numerous scars and wounds.
Wounds that you will have to nurse for the rest of your life.
The memory that haunts you up to today

All you want is to be able to sleep well at night.
You want to fall in love with the person you see when you look in the mirror.
To smile and not scream when you see your reflection or shadow.
How you wish to have the courage to use the following phrase without crying.
“I will try again”.

Why did you choose to hurt yourself?
You are a human being and you make mistakes too.
Always remember that you are not perfect.
Do not let that anger and bitterness consume you.

I want you to remember that you are brave.
You are a warrior, a hero and a fighter.
Take baby steps until you get there.
Be your superhero.
Smile and embrace who you are.
You deserve to be happy.
Promise me one thing,
that you will forgive yourself.

Published by tcndangana

The girl with an overactive imagination

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