A book review- Who am l to speak

Author:  Blessing  E Moyo
Cover rating :3
Overall rating:4

Who am l to speak is a poetry collection that discusses the challenges and the struggles that commoners face. The author talks about how the ideas or views of a commoner are ignored whereas the rich always have their way. However for a society to thrive the commoners and the rich should be allowed to voice their opinions.

The poetry book has a poem about how children from the same family can bring so much joy whereas the other has caused many heartbreaks in the parent’s life. Favouritism is normal in many families but parents should never compare their children no matter what.

Parents need to encourage their sons to express their emotions and feelings because it does not make them weak or failures. The past traumas can cause one to be mean. Writing down everything that is happening in one’s life in a journal can be helpful and diary entries have become safe havens for some people.

Who am l to speak is a poetry book that discusses the issues of religion particularly Christianity and different questions to the Maker. The questions include, how one can know if this is a true or fake prophet if they will converse with His or her Maker or have angelic visits like what happened during the biblical times.

This poetry book is informative and entertaining too.

My favourite quote
Always remember, whoever wants to make you happy, loves you. It is a full-time job to love. Love is a sacrifice.

Will l be reading a book from this author?

Do l recommend this book?

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